World of Diving update 9

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Dear explorers of the world!

We hope you enjoyed the holidays with your families and have long since returned to our cozy community on the World of Diving forums. We’ve seen an immense increase in activity since we launched the new website, which we’re sure has something to do with the daily missions, but is also coming from the continuous flow of new members that have joined us over the past couple of weeks. Welcome to you all! fixes & new mission types

Now that we’ve seen the new platform in action, we’ve been able to identify some important bugs and other obstacles in the platform. Our thanks go out to those of you who have actively contributed to finding these problems and helping us solve them.

Everyone should now have all the right amount of Dubloons and Diving XP, and should be able to see whether they have pre-ordered World of Diving. Please send an e-mail to if this is not the case for your account.

We will be working towards adding more mission variety, from participating in trivia and providing feedback in development polls, to referring new diving-enthusiast friends to our community. These new mission types will be implemented over the course of the next few months and should contribute to an even more lively and interesting World of Diving community.

Development update Our team has recently implemented the diving vest inflation/deflation. Check out the in-game Buoyancy tech-video below or check it out on YouTube

And here’s a brand-new screenshot for ya. What do you think?


New items in the dive shop We’ve recently added some new items to the dive shop. Check out these awesome gloves, air tank with cover, futuristic helmet and new hairstyle.


We’ll regularly be updating you about new item releases and promotions in thedive shop, so stay tuned.

That’s it for today folks, be sure to let us know your thoughts on all this on the forums. See you on!

- The Vertigo Games Team

World of Diving Developer