The Badge is HERE!

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Many thanks to the Dev team for giving us this cool badge!
It's great to see you guys take the time for something non-game related.
As always you rock.


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Loving the new badge! For badge junkies, this is like the best high in the world haha!

By the way, will our badges be converted into achievements on steam? Or are we going to have both? I hope both =D

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Both! we will connect the WoD community with Steam, so XP and badges (etc..) earned on will still be of use. And oh, there is already a new badge on it's way (you can find a hint on the leaderboards :)

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FOUND IT, it's the Steam Early Access badge (found here user #58 Mikuru88)

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Yes! Thank you so very much for creating a new badge for steam users!

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Badges! We don't need no stinkin' badges! :P Just kidding. Thanks for the stinkin' badge. LOL Looks great.

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Hooray! And it looks fabulous, too! Way to go, Badge Designer at Vertigo :D

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I also think this game is very cool badge design.

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the badge looks neat :)

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are the badges in steam the cards? how are they linked exactly? it says "World of Diving Badge" but below I see the Cards which are not exactly the same as the ones we got here. Its a bit confusing...

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