World of Diving - 15: Ponies ahoy!

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Dear explorers of the world!

This update is one many of you have waited on for a long time.

We're super proud to announce that the HMS Tranquility, better known as Sgt_Brony's shipwreck, is now available to explore in World of Diving: Stage 0. Ponies ahoy!

For those of you who are not familiar with Sgt_Brony's story, we'll briefly explain here. Sgt_Brony joined us as a backer all the way in the beginning, when World of Diving was little more than a prototype that we aimed to find funding for through the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Back then as well as now, one of the top perks included the creation of your own custom shipwreck to be implemented in the final game, and Sgt_Brony grabbed the opportunity to give life to his wildest imagination ...

A beautiful intact shipwreck in the subtropics, inspired by the popular animated series about ponies. The live result can be viewed in this new teaser video we released today:

Community-driven development
Courtesy of Sgt_Brony, the entire community was sourced for their ideas on his HMS Tranquility: from setting and back-story to design and realism. Many pitched in, leading to a heated discussion about realism in videogames in general and World of Diving in specific. While some feared that a Brony shipwreck might lead the game onto a slippery slope into fantasyland, others argued that videogames are made to enable the impossible, and that with our advanced technology, even in the real world the edges of realism and fantasy are starting to blur.

“The true realism of this game is that ‘We Don’t Know’ all that is beneath the water and the mysteries it holds,” said Sgt_Brony. “What I'm having designed here is a fun, creative ship to dive and explore that's so far out of the norm that you just can't stop (...) going back to it every time you log on to play just because of its oddity.”

Read all about the community-driven development of Sgt_Brony’s shipwreck at and check out some in-progress images below:

What are you waiting for? Check out the new and improved World of Diving: Stage One early access build and explore the all-new dive site for yourself.

Apart from this, the current updated version also includes various performance optimizations, much anticipated fast swim options, new daily missions, and more.

More pony footage!
For those of you who are hungry for even more footage of the end result, below you will find a couple of screenshots of the HMS Transquility as it can be found in the subtropics in World of Diving: Stage 0 right now. Make sure to go have a look for yourselves if you can, we did an amazing job together!

As usual, don't forget to share your thoughts on all this on the forums and see you in the water.

- The Vertigo Games Team

World of Diving Developer