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Welcome to the World of Diving Forum and Community!

This sub-forum has been specifically designed to give journalists and (possible) sponsors a quick way to find relevant information, get in touch with community members, and get a decent feel of what WoD and its players are all about.

First of all we, the community, would like to thank you for showing interest in the game. As you will come to find, the development team (lovingly called Devs by us) really share this early stage with us. They make it as much our game as it is theirs. We highly encourage you to create an account and post your questions here if you can’t find what you were looking for. Or just to join this great group of people. You will find that this game does not only appeal to real-life divers, but to arcade and simulation gamers as well.

When navigating the forum, you will encounter certain “Badges”. Developers can be recognized by the Vertigo Logo-badge. The other badges simply state whether people have backed the game (Backer! badge), if they supported the original indiegogo campaign (Early pledger badge), if they are a moderator (Moderator badge), if they help translating the game (Translator badge), and last but not least the coveted VIP badge. This last one is just something to show a certain member has been around the forum for some time, and has contributed a lot to the community.

We hope you’ll find this thread useful, and will not hesitate to ask one of our members for help when you need it. You can also ask your non-urgent questions in this part of the forum, because the Developers read every single post on the forum.

If you’d like to contact the Devs directly, please click here. Or visit the Vertigo Games website to see some of the other projects they’ve done.

The following links will redirect you to topics we believe might be of interest to either sponsors, journalists, or both. But again, we encourage you to dive in and get a taste for yourself!

Please create an account using the name of the company or magazine you represent, followed by either a [S] if you're representing a sponsor, or a [J] if you're a journalist. This way our moderators will be able to identify new players posting their questions in the wrong section. (If you are not a journalist or affiliated with a sponsor please post your questions either here or here.)

---------------------------------------------General / Journalists-----------------------------------------------

The development story

The website Quick-start Guide

The community Quick-start Guide

Exclusive feature to get a personal diving
site in-game

Development Photo’s

Core gameplay goals

In-game screenshots by members

Members tell why they decided to support this game

GDC 2014 Coverage

The meeting place for our members

Different age of backers

A map and list of countries were WoD is being played already

An example of community input

--------------------------------------------Diving related sponsors---------------------------------------------

Real-life divers introducing themselves

Members talk about dive brand loyalty

Members discuss different photography

Members talk about the amount of money invested in dive gear so far

A glimpse of what is to be expected from the in-game dive shop (items)

A glimpse of what is to be expected from the in-game dive shop (clothing)

A couple of links regarding a possible simulation/training mode

----------------------------------------------Gaming related sponsors-----------------------------------------

System Specifications of members

Specifications for possible companion App

STEM and/or LEAP support


These quick-links will be updated on a regular basis.