World of Diving - 13: Easter Event, Diving Base Hatch Temporarily Open

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Dear explorers of the world!

We're happy to announce that Easter is coming to your favorite Rift-enabled online multiplayer underwater experience World of Diving with the (s)Easter event starting today!

Featuring heaps of festive (s)Easter eggs cunningly hidden throughout World of Diving: Stage 0, the (s)Easter event lets you go on an exciting underwater Easter egg hunt together to unlock the special (s)Easter Bunny headgear item, which can be claimed during the time of the event only.

Discovering all our (s)Easter eggs won't be an easy feat. You should probably team up to improve your odds! Just saying.

Found all the eggs you were looking for? Show off your awesome (s)Easter Bunny headgear with a #wodselfie.

What are you waiting for? To the diving base!
The hatches are open!

And that’s not all, because especially for the occasion, the underwater hatch in World of Diving: Stage 0 will be unlocked for the very first time, opening up a gorgeous open sea area for players to explore for a limited time only! Make sure to check it out before the hatch closes up again.

The (s)Easter event only runs for the Easter weekend, from April 18 to April 22, in World of Diving: Stage 0 – the early access playable that comes with pre-purchasing World of Diving for PC, Mac and Linux on the official website:

PS. Yes, we're now running on Mac and Linux too. ;)

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