*newcomers* How to get Swimming Pool (basic movement) content.

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I see a lot topics about, *how do i get access, how to get a license*.

Very simple, you can only access the content by pre-ordering (right side) World of Diving and being level 2 shark whisperer (3500xp)

If you pre-order the game, you will get 1100xp, when you subscribe to newsletter, you will also recieve 500xp more. Only 1900xp to go! :)

You will level up very quickly, also you will recieve points from posting comments, recieve or give upvote's, or making a topic. You can view all missions to recieve xp under My Missions (right side), you can't miss it! :)

But please, don't spam the forum with nonsense, keep it clean.

You will also recieve xp when buying Dubloons, a ingame currency.

More information can be found in this quick start info page.

To make this whole story short, you only need 2 things

Pre-ordering World of Diving
At least 3500XP (level 2 shark whisperer )

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Aye aye captain!
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Thanks for advice!

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Thanks for taking some time to help the new users out Toonen.


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This is a fairly novice tutorial help, can help those who first entered the game for the players.