World Of Forum Spam

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I'm not sure who's idea it was to make new members jump through hoops in order to be able to play stage 0, but I'n not sure its a great idea to force forum participation to let people try your product.

I think I get what was behind the idea, help create a community and foster discussion on the Alpha, but a good community comes from voluntary participation and anticipation of the game. Not spamming forum posts in order to complete Daily missions.

I originally backed the Indiegogo campaign and I've been following this site on and off for a while just as a lurker, when I got the email through today that said to come play the Stage 0 demo, I was really happy. I thought I'd get a few mate together and go diving.

Of cause then I found out about this limit to lvl one malarkey.

Guys if you want pre-orders and your proud of what you are doing don't put any barriers to letting people play your tech demo.

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It's meant to encourage users to participate in discussions and providing feedback. Naturally there will be people who will abuse the system to try get their ranks up. But thats what moderators are for ^^

Perhaps it would be a good idea to give people who pre order the game the amount of required XP points to their account in order to play. (Could have sworn this was the case already though.. But Im really not 100% sure anymore)

But calling this "World Of Forum Spam" is a little overdone in my opinion. For the most part, the forums are quite nice and active and not full of useless spam posts. And the community is awesome as well ^^

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Nothing to say more than grimmy siad but be advise that the devs deleted some useless topic, many of them has gone! Looking backward for yesterday forum topic affluence!^^
So if you create a topic use the research bar before, and try to make it interesting!

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It's not a tech demo, it's a first release prototype and they only want interested people to participate in the development at this stage. Once the game has been released then I am sure they will have a free demo.