World of Diving update 11

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Dear explorers of the world!

Here's another fun-packed update about your favorite diving game: World of Diving. Happy reading! Be sure to find us on the forums if you have any questions.

Swimming pool prototype
In these final weeks before the release of the first playable swimming pool prototype release, we've received many questions about what to expect and what not from this first impression. For a compiled list of most interesting questions and answers, visit the FAQ .

pool updates
The team has been crunching on some cool new content and things for you to do on Here's an overview of the most interesting stuff:

  • Have you been building your Diving level like no one else? This is your moment to shine! Check out how you're doing compared to your peers on the new leaderboards.
  • Show off that sexy beach look! Customize your profile thumbnail to show your in-game character, by pressing the camera button in the dive shop. Visit your profile to see the result.
  • Even more boasting with the new functionality for your badges. If you're a proud owner of the VIP, translator and/or backer (pledger) badge, this will now be visible on the forums.
  • New missions have been added for you to score some more Diving XP:
  • Subscribe to newsletter on your profile. (whoops, guess you've done that already.)
  • Invite a friend to join our happy community!

    On the storefront: All aboard! If you are Diving level 3 "Need for Speedboat" or higher, you will now be able to access the diving shop's yacht marina. That means this luxury yacht could be yours! What are you waiting for?

    Ditch that rowboat and get serious.

    On the storefront: New hairstyles
    Upon popular request, the all-new "Boldly Bald" hairstyle for men let's you baldly go where no man has gone before. Oh, and we've added hair color customization functionality as well.

    Go find your new look in the dive shop.

    On the storefront: New diving gear
    We've now released this cool looking hi-tech dive computer! pool

    Looking forward to seeing you out on the Forums! Be sure to let us know your thoughts about any of this there.
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