Parry glitch?

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I have ran into this multiple times before but I thought nothing of it. However after a while, I started to look out for it. Now I have evidence of it happening twice. Once in online, and once in a private match. What happens is: I try for a parry, but instead my character doesn't move and the attack goes right through me. It is then treated like a whiff and I can punish it. On the first match, I just attack right through him,but on the second, you can see my character does a weird thing with her shield. I dont know if it is specific to gladiator ( its the only character I tried it on) but it is definitely repeatable. I dont know exactly what I did to make it happen, all I tried to do is parry. It may not be a glitch at all, so I wanted to know if you guys have any ideas. Or have run into it yourself...

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