Pool gate bug.

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Yesterday I play WoD on Thailand map. I jump to a pool and I release that pool gate didn't open. It was weird because I pass all currently available story missions. I go back to the Ray to cheek if game don't reset my progress. When I interact with Ray the communicate pops up and say "You pass all story missions on this map." (or something like that).
I also cheek the other entrants and challenges but they work as usual.

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I had the same problem around the time of your post. Just today, I finally found a way around it. I went to the Missions section of the tablet and started missions 1, 2, and 3 again, even though they were marked as complete. After completing them, the tunnel is now completely unlocked. This also reactivated the marker for Daily Missions at this site.

There was a glitch for me at the end of Mission 3. When I went to talk to Ray to complete the mission, he wouldn't talk to me. After restarting the game, everything was cool.

The remaining missions on Thailand are no longer marked as complete, but the completed missions at the other locations are still marked as completed.