Navy Style Backflip

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Need for speed-boat
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In some diving movies you can see a diver entering water by specific backflip.

I got idea how to impediment it to the game. On some maps with boats the will by backflip places. If you look on the backflip place then the message appear "to sit use interaction bottom". Players character will sit. In these state player can't walk but still can looking around. The player have a choose. To start the backflip he must click E bottom and to strand up he must click W bottom.

If he choose backflip he must do few things.
1. Check his diving computer.
2. Inflate the BCD to the max.
3. Make OK sign

Then the message appear "Are you ready?" . If player click E that starts animation of putting the regulator in to his mouth. Than he put his right hand on the face and peform backflip.

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That's a really cool idea!
I like it :)

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That's a great idea Manlicher! I would love to see that added to the game.