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I am Gary Spinrad. I am a 22 year veteran of the video game industry with 5 Call of Duty titles to my name and am the current Audio Director of Zero Transform, an independent VR company. In addition I am a PADI member with the rank of Rescue Diver.

Bona Fides aside...

Your traversal made me nauseous as Hell. I had a headache for five hours after playing. I was using the XBox controller. Things weren't so bad when I was using the left D-Pad, but when using the right one, THAT was awful. I suggest when you are looking in a certain direction and pressing the left D-pad, your overall orientation begins to swing toward that azimuth. THAT is what I was hoping for. I wanted like Hell to keep playing your game today, but that nausea was POWERFUL.

I'm rooting for you. Please feel free to contact me for clarification. I'd be more than glad to help.