[Bug] tablet not centered on screen

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Diving buddy
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Hello everyone. This is my first post and after searching i haven't found this problem in the forum.

Since the last update, when i use the Tab key to get the tablet on screen it isn't centered any more and i can only see the lower part of it.

Has anyone the same bug ?

(my resolution is 1920x1080)

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Thanks again for pointing this out. This should now be fixed in update 0.17.13.

World of Diving Developer

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Diving buddy
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Hello Everybody - I’m new to the game. I’m 46 years old from Argentina. And I'm running the game on Linux.
Never had a diving experience in my entire life.
Just bought it yesterday. First I was very impressed but now... I don’t know....
I spent U$20 on STEAM for this (witch is a lot of money in my country for a game) and there are many issues to address for a good experience.
The tablet is not centred so I cant read what it says at the top. My resolution is 1440x900. My game version is 0.17.13.-
The Spanish language translation is horrible (the words make no sense).
The camera view shakes almost all the time ---- IT'S ANNOYING!!!!
I must stop diving to find a position for the camera to be centred and stable so I can do the missions.
There are challenge missions like Christmas and Halloween but honestly I couldn’t find the items to take the pictures (if they are season quests you should point that out so clients don’t waste their time looking for something that is not going to be there 24/7 to find).
The game needs a better starting tutorial so clients get to know all the tools they have and how to use them properly.
The game needs some clear/easy way point system for the client to be able to find the mission items easier (I was not able to find many of them on the basic game level).
Another thing is that its hard to find companions to dive with (I mean people, real people).
I really like the idea of being able to dive from my computer. I wanted this game cause I thought it was going to be a relaxing experience but I'm not getting what the advertisements promise on the website or steam store.
I don’t know if the developers take these comments seriously or I'm just typing all this for nothing.
Hope somebody gets in touch with me and maybe give me some orientation and tell me when are the camera and tablet going to be fixed. I understand that its an early access game and I'm pointing out all this things just to help somehow.
Customer Care is basic for any project like this.- Thanks in advance, Fleetwood.-