Triton Gills

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What do you guys think about this?
Hopefully this is real.
It would be just awesome!
No gear for 45 Min at 5m sounds like the ultimate reef diving/snorkeling or for the last deco stops.

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These Tritongills have shown up at multiple locations.
The designer made the design for a contest, not sure if the intention was for them to become a reality.

Not sure if it was on this forum or another, but around 2014 some people discussed the possibility of such a device being possible or not.

The discussion ended at the point, where the amount of water to move threw the filters, would require a very strong pump.

Having seen the details on their website they claim to have an combination using liquid oxygen. Not aware how dangerous such a storage is, but it seems possible. However it would be more like a tank instead of a gill.
Perhaps the combination of liquid oxygen and the filters is a development phase.

Didn't thought the Tritongills would ever be developed, curious how it'll perform in a couple of years.


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I had joined their crowd funding.
Than they threw all backers out and explained the detail with the liquid oxygen tanks.

Now I'll stay out of it, but am still curious about future information.

Liquid oxygen LOX needs to be below -196°C.
The Density of LOX 1,141 kg/l is smaller than Oxygen 1,429 kg/l
So this might be a advantage.

I dived with pure Oxygen in swimming pools (down to 4 meters).

Sad that the real gill story didn't work out :)