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Hello everyone, what I'm going to present to you is a very interesting fighting game that's going to need your help. The game is called...

Now, what's so interesting about this game you say. Well, you see their story is like this. A few years ago a group of fans (bronies) got together to make a free fighting game base off the My Little Pony tv series called "My Little Pony, Fighting is Magic" click here for a youtube of the combo exhibition. It was a fan tribute game that you can still find and download from the web (got to do some searching). The game became a great hit for not being completed, even almost earning a spot in the EVO 2014 (I think that was it) fighting tournament. Even Mike Z the creator of the Skullgirls game took notice of them and offered his Z-engine which he personally designed and made for his Skullgirls game if they reached the stretch goal, which was achieved. Now that's impressive in that a programmer giving the rights to use his personal fighting engine that he took years to create to a small group making a fighting game.

Now unlike all good stories, this one had a sad ending. You see that it become so popular that Hasbro took notice and had a C&D put on it and all future work on the game halted, even tho some leak versions got out and others unofficially took up the mantle to take and complete it. But that's not what I'm hear for, for you see the team raised from the ashes of the C&D and what came out of it is "Thems Fightin' Herds".

What is even better, was the newest member to the dev team building the game. Like I said, a lot of people took notice of the game, not only Hasbro but also a certain famous person in the Brony community. That person, not only contacted the devs known as Mane6 but also wrote an entire world and design the fighting characters for it. Her name is Lauren Faust. Now most of you might not know who she is, but have probably seen her work. She is know for creating such TV shows as "The PowerPuff Girls" "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" "Super Best Friends Forever" "Wonder Over Yonder" and of course "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Yes the very creator of the My little Pony series herself step up and offered to help create a brand new game base off of original characters if her own design and backstory that'll be free of any C&D. On top of that they still have the skullgirls Z-engine to run it on.

Whats even great, most of the move set and skills that these new characters and personality are base off of their fighting is magic game. So what does that mean, well each new character is based off of one of the mane six ponies from the My Little Pony. So in a way, just like the game rising from the ashes like a phoenix so did the characters, but born into something new and better. To get a feel for what the have done and accomplished, they just did a live stream not to long ago and uploaded here on youtube.

Now, what I'm asking the community here is to take a look at it here on indiegogo and check it out. If you think it's worth it to help found it then go for it. If not, then I ask if you could be so kindly to pass along this link to others that might be interested in supporting it. The link you can use to pass along is this http://igg.me/at/ThemsFightinHerds/x/2714638 now why this link, well they are also running a contest of who gets the most referral donations will get some special one of a kind lobby accessories to outfit their lobby sprite when not in a match. That link is my reference link to help me out.

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^