bioluminecent level/reef/cave

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I figured might as well give it its own thread like the other ideas located in the shipwreck forum.
Because do we really need another plain old boring ship wreck, especially when we’re going to be getting a bunch of them anyways though normal development? I want something that isn’t going to make it into game unless we put it there. I’m sure were going to get things like the titanic and other major wrecks eventually no matter what but when would the devs just suddenly add this type of content without something like through the community wreck.
Imagine the whole reef light up in a rainbow of neon colors.
Maybe add in a few bioluminescent fish too.
this ones more of a concept then a location but it would be interesting to see something like the above crystal cave or just a cave system in general have something like this, you could even play it off as the crystals provide the uv light to brighten the creatures….despite coral not growing in caves but minor details. You could even make it just a small lagoon like the one in the pool level just have it at night and use the whole glowing crystal thing. And if you can’t get over the unrealistic glowing crystals (because the game is SOO realistic in design now /s) you could set it in an aquarium, kind of like an attraction.

Or even better make the lagoon a giant cratore with a meteor in the middle, that’s why everything is glowing.