(Bug) Okavango Delta Challenge Very Funny

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Okavango Delta
Challenge: Multishot (Top of the Pier)
Version: 0.15.9

The Bug is when you go to the Challenge on the Pier and look at it.
The whole screen rotates side up.

I must so Laugh. That i try it again and reload the whole Mission and the Bug appears again.
When you activate the Mission ist gone but when you press F1 for Missionlog ist rotates again.
Please try it too, to see from I'm not the only one in it happens.

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I tried the mission, but did not see the rotation. However, the mission did not work correctly for me. I did not see the prompt to press E to start the mission or R to refill the tank. I pressed E anyway and the mission timer started. There were no targets on the dive computer, so I waited awhile until the mission failed because of time running out.

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Thank you for trying it.
Unfortunately by you its dont appears.
I try it today too and by me its still there :)

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A problem with this mission's configuration was fixed. The next update will likely resolve the issue for you.
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Thank you for the quick Answer.
I am glad that I could help :)