World of Diving update 10

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Dear explorers of the world!

It's been a hectic first month of the new year, with some of our team flying off to Seattle for the Steam event (we've posted a teaser pic on Facebook,before) and others staying behind to keep up the good work on your favorite diving game!

In this newsletter we have some updates for you regarding the leveling system, the game's development, and the latest additions to the dive shop. Happy reading!

New missions
In our last update, we promised that we'd be working towards new types of missions that you could embark on to earn Diving XP. This week we've unlocked the "Invite a Friend" special mission.

Now here's the catch: For every friend that joins our happy community, you will add 50XP to your total - but as we think it is important to preserve the wonderful mood and quality of conversation that we find on our forums today by focusing on getting people aboard that are actually interested in World of Diving, you'll be rewarded with a whopping 750 XP for any friend that goes on to pre-order the game.

If you have any questions, or would like to share your own great idea for a new mission type, please send an e-mail to or catch one of us on the forums.

Development update
The swimming pool demo is well on its way! Aaand there might be just a little bit more to what we've got in store for you apart from just a swimming pool to check out. See a work-in-progress screen cap of your future piece of paradise below. Who *wouldn't* want this as their on-land diving base?

Stay tuned for more updates.


The latest from the Dive Shop
These spanking new diving attires might ring a bell for some. Available to divers of all levels, go try them on with your Diver at the Dive Shop.


Looking forward to seeing you out on the forums!
Be sure to let us know your thoughts about any of this there.

- The Vertigo Games Team

World of Diving Developer