Iceland, have you been/are you from there?

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Recently watched a few documentaries and learned a lot about this little known place to me. I was curious if anyone was from there or has spent time there.
I have to admit for an American they have some weird customs and its a very different place, everything from the food, to the low population, sounds like the swimming is different, and virtually no crime, super friendly and known for strong men and beautiful women. Looks like a neat place I would like to visit.

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Hi, I have been there twice. Not for diving, though - I am not a real life diver.

I was staying in the Keflavik area, and enjoyed daily trips to the Blue Lagoon. I never imagined floating in the waste water dumped by a thermal plant could be so relaxing.

I took a tour to see the northern lights, too. I was woefully unprepared (waiting in freezing wind without a hood or ear muffs) but it was worth it.

I'll definitely go again this year. I'm thinking of staying somewhere close to Husavik on the north coast to do some whale watching this time.

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i have never been there but i would like to go