Voice Attack

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This is a very cool program. You speak a word and it presses a key on your keyboard for you. If you wish you can also have it respond with voice. It will press and release the key or, if you wish, hold it down until you tell it to release. There is a free demo to check it out for a month. It you want to purchase it then it is very cheap.
I use it for Elite: Dangerous and some other flight simulators but I set- up a profile for WOD.
I say "Computer Up" and it raises the dive computer . "Computer down" lowers it. While it is up if I say "Next" or "Last" it will change the dive computers target. If I say "Boost" it presses the "R" key for me."Grab","Select"or"Start" will press the "E" key. You can set it up for whatever commands you wish. I hope the Devs look into this. It would be the ultimate addition to VR and the Rift. If they added key presses for our equipment we could set it up to select the camera, scooter, or whatever, with just a word.

Here is a link to get free demo or purchase.

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You are such a tech head Fla, that's why we all love you. That's a nice program and might check it out when I get some time.

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Interesting program you mentioned Fla. Pretty neat website they got as well.