How many dive knives do you need?

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How many knives to you take diving? I have 2and just ordered a sheer, I've seen some not take a knife diving.

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Maybe if you only dive heavily trafficked pay to dive spots I would even consider not diving with dive tools, but as with most divers I carry two knives in opposing locations. The point of a knife is to be able to use it, that's why if you carry two they should never been near each other. I carry one on my right calf thats full size, one smaller one attached to my bc on the left lower pocket (think above the waist at the left bc pocket), Then I have a pair of EMT shears either attached to my primary light, or on a zinger if it's a dive I know has a lot of fishing line, or I just tuck it in my BC pocket if I doubt i'll need them.

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Shears are probably best for most people. With the kelp forests around here, I prefer a full-sized knife.

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i allways have 2 knifes, 1 underwater scissor, 2 line cutters. when diving.

1 knife is placed on the front next to the harness buckle.
1 knife is in the accessory butt pack with reservparts for harness, mask and fins. SMB and 30m line.
scissor is placed on the back of the butt pack.
1 line cuter is placed on the arm with my computer.
1 line cuter is placed on the harness on the right shoulder.

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Like many people, I carry 2 knives as well. Just in case.

Just keep diving