Collection of new ways of funding for WOD

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Since we all know that funding is right now the turnig point for this game and the devs are working hard to develop the game with less resources as planned, we need to find ways for them to fund this project.

So I will collect here funding ideas:

1. Tourism funding:
My idea: Eyptian dive sites

2. Fish & Wildlife Foundations: for example Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation
They could be interested in the Ocean-O-Pedia for educational purposes.
They could even contribute data and information into it.
Other: WWF, Greenpeace

3. Diving gear brands: Use actual diving gear in game

4. PADI, SSI, CMAS and NAUI as Sponsors

Any other ideas?
Please be creative! :)

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Couldn't they try to collaborate with WWF or Greenpeace? At the risk of sending political messages, those people should be interested in promoting the beauty of the oceans and they are big with deep pockets.

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I'll add WWF and Greenpeace to No.2

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oh nice thread love the greenpeace idea. 8-)