Google Cardboard

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There is this DIY virtual reality toolkit called Google Cardboard.
Not a real alternative to Oculus, but extremely cheap, if you have the right smartphone anyway.
Question to the devs:
Would it be possible to use it with WOD?

Yes I know that there are only some mobile apps right now.
(If you could connect it over wifi or cable to your computer it should do the trick.)

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Ok I got now one cardboard set for 12 bucks on Ebay.
I used an app called RemoteDesktopGoogle to show the computer screen on my smartphone.
(Headtracking does not work this way) It shows the computer screen pretty smooth without much lagging via Wifi.

I choose the DK2 setting in Steam to play WOD.
With my 720p screen divided by two the resolution is not great, but it works :)

Unfortunately you cannot use the mouse on both axis this way.
But it's a cool super cheap "alternative" to the oculus.

Has anyone else tryed it?

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So I wanted to share my first real WOD dive with Google Cardboard with all of you!
I found the check box in the settings where you can turn on the y-axis with VR.
Now It's quite fun.
Even I'm not using headtracking you get used to move mith the mouse.

The graphics are not the same as on my 2560x1440 screen :) but it's a total new feeling if you can see the objects in 3d!
For example the Lockheed plane and the yellow coral garden next to it! Or diving through the conning bridge of Hilma!

Like I said I used:
My Lenovo P780 phone
with the Kinoni RemoteDesktopGoogle + The Program on the computer
At steam I choose Oculus Direct (DK2 only)
The phone display is flashing when you start the game, but if I'm in the game everything is great
and at a pretty good frame rate.

Just hit the left settings button (Android) a few times and it will set the display the correct way.

Some tips:
sound: turned of on the phone listening to my computer speakers.

I put a folded paper tissue between my nose and the cardbord for better convenience.
And a woolen hat on my head and above the GoogleCardboard.
So you have your hands free and no light is coming in.

To sum up:
It's a great experience for that small ammount of money!
Everyone with a big screen smartphone should try it out :)
Would be cool to hear some feedback from othe users!


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Really nobody interested?

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Hey egyptsun, I thought it was very interesting to read about your experiences with google cardboard. I heard about it here and there but didn't realize it would be such a cheap way to get acquainted with VR. I think it was very nice of you to sort out how to make it work with WoD

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My next step will be now a more sturdy one:

Unfortunately my phone only has a 720p resolution.
There are now 6" 256x1440 displays with hdmi port on the market. But they cost around 200 to 250 USD.
Or 120 USD if you buy in bulk.

Another way could be a replacement display from a smartphone.
LG G3 displays are available for 50 Bucks.
But these have just a flat cable on its end.
Most of the smartphones have now one standard port called MIPI.
Some guys are working on a circuit board Mipi to HDMI:
But max resolution is 1080p at the moment with this device.

With this plastic version of the cardboard + a 2k UHD display + DIY headtracking (Free Track)
This would be even better than the DK2 right now :D

Here's info about Free Track:

What do you guys think?

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Is there a way to get the VR split screen back as it was before Oculus changed?

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Any idea how to get back the split main screen?