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Does anybody own a DPV? Are they any fun to use, or worthwhile getting for recreational diving?

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I do not own a DPV but i worked 3 summer on a diving base that owned 4 Appolo AV1 Scooter.
It is great fun but the DPV should be a Little stronger than the AV1.
I tried a seabob once on lancerote and this is not compareable!
I recommend to try a DPV before you buy one, as some People have Problems with the back after using DPVs

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Hey Duke,

Unfortunately I never had the chance to try one. However one of the forum member wrote some info about them in this thread.
Does anyone own a scooter?

Not sure if theres more thread going on regarding DPVs, but this was the first one I could find you.


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Hi there,
I do own a DPV. Not the one you see in the game trailers but a bigger one. There extremely fun for recreational use. But a bit pricy. Nevertheless I didn't have one moment where I which I didn't bought one.
Just try to rent one first if you're unsure about buying. ;)

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DPV's are awesome on bigger dive sites. You can easily go where you want. And you looks as a James Bond :)

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