Questions on Truk Lagoon Diving

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I have never dived before but, especially as a historian and training archaeologist, i would love one day to be able to dive and explore wrecks just to be part of history, where time literally is frozen on the day the ship went down. One place in particular ive always dreamed of visiting is Truk Lagoon. Im curious if any of you divers have been there and what interesting things you have found there? Also, is it true that the engines of vehicles within the wrecks randomly make sounds to this day?

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Old topic but anyway, i Have been ther 4 times, and its fantastic diving, but 1 important thing abut diving is not to take anything from the wrecks leve everything for future divers to explore. and ther is stil alot of dead sailors onboard the ships. So remember that its a grave site.

And no the engines dont make sounds the ocean make sounds. the vehicles are all rusted op ;)

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