Feedback about mission generator

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i created a few missions and what i found so far is that it's very basic and it's hard to make a script. it would be nice if all the objects in the level could be selected and used instead of only new objects or even better the feature to upload items, some more complex scenarios could be written.

When multiple objectives are created, the amount of objects which are allowed to place is a bit sparse. It would be nice if you could remove items when a certain objective is passed.
I understand that due to memory the amount of objects needs to be at a minimum.

I'm not sure what "point of interest" is going to be, but it would be nice if that means "select" an item and go to there, do not touch, do touch, stay out of reach for at least 1 meter.

it's good to see that the option to "move to route" and "take object" is also on the backlog.
I love to see more options so we can create more missions then just "take a picture"

It would also be nice if more data is available. for example the depth, time, meters swimmed.

I'm not sure how many people would make missions, but to promote missions it would be nice if the creator would gain 1 coin for a 3 star or higher rating.
And it would be nice if the ranking is on the website so all can see "what the best missions are"

The bugs i found so far:
- sometimes I can not delete objects i have created after the level is saved, the blue box is then not available
- The description of the whole level is not used.
- the text of the level is not correctly word wrapped