[BUG / IMAGES] Crash Test Dummy Glitch

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While in the Diver Base this evening doing the XP mission, I noticed a nasty new glitch. Check out these photos of my character:

As you can see, his suit looks like a crash test dummy outfit, the ankle texture and back of the flippers is tearing (also noted image wise in my Yongala and U-352 glitch photo threads on the menu screens) and the mask has weird highlighting on it. With the second image, this situation happened to me a few days ago in the Tranquility area as well. Started seeing outlines on everything and then the character's arms glitched out like in the photo.

There is also a LOT of lagging going on in every one of the wreck sites, as well as the Diver Base (especially while messing around with the customization menu).

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