Translation French?

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Welcome, sorry my bad english:)

will there be a french translation? thank you

thank you google a translation ;)

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Hi herbal medicine man =p there are people working on translations for the game, I know of French German dutch and English as languages that are being worked on for this game, and perhaps more. But I don't know when the translations are done.

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translation in french of your game is end ?? or abandonned ??


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as a french... this make me laugh.

i mean .... what ? french translation ? ok but............translate what ?

they are limited text in the game (except oceanopedia) and no voices or else. so translate only text that for most of them international or something (like pression, air quantity,etc..)
i m ok for a french translation , its always better to play a game on his own language, but i wonder what gonna be "translate" in Wod...

XDD (thats make my day)

dont blame me if i not speak good english, i do my best ^^

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parlez vous Dolphin?. Or maybe the song lyrics at the swimming pool shop ;-)

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I'd like also French translation to be launched! English localization is not a problem for me at all but French one would make a game even more enjoyable!
Have no desire to type my essay...