Development blog 67

Overhaul of the entire game, and stuff...

It's been about 3 months since our last Development Blog. There's been a lot of developer activity on World of Diving in that time.

First of all; we've made some really big improvements on the performance side. All levels are now running at a solid 90fps on an Oculus mininum spec PC in VR mode. For this, almost all art has seen a complete overhaul which you will be able to see once we put the new build live today.

Personally, I've been doing lots of work on getting everything working again since so many systems have been changed to provide a smoother experience in VR. Next to the systems that have been changed, a lot of systems have also been added:
- A complete re-do of fish rendering. Small fish now all have trailing so their turing is smooth instead of jerky, as it was. Also, a lot of changes have been made to the AI so the fish appear more natural. The improvements for the bigger fish in the game will come soon.
- A story has been integrated into the game. Instead of only the first tutorial mission being in the game, the game now guides the player through the game.
- A tablet has been added which now features a lot of the interfaces in the game which did not really have a good place.

Of course we're really excited to have you play this new version of World of Diving, and are eager to hear your thoughts about it.

In a World of Diving

Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have been working on the finalization of features and bug fixes in order to get the game in a proper playable state. Tasks include the implementation of existing UI in the tablet, and the implementation of the redesign of most of these UI's. For this I have been working closely with Bjorn.

There were some interesting challenges with the implementation of the new UI on the tablet. For example, we display some 3D objects in certain interfaces, such as the Oceanopedia and the new mission view. If we were to display these on the tablet, they would appear pierced by the tablet's screen. I have worked on a few solutions to this problem and we finally ended up with creating custom meshes for the screen in the case there are 3D objects displayed on the tablet. Additionally I worked on the blur script which we apply on the screen to blur everything behind it.

I'm glad we have been able to work on the game as a team again during the last period. This has been very pleasant and inspirational for all of us and we are finally able to deliver more of the game we had envisioned to make.

An artist's journal

Hi there !

In the past couple of weeks i have been working on the user interface of world of diving. I started out creating a Tablet for use in game to show all the menus, For this i used a concept from our concept artist Bang. Right after that i have been working on a completely new User Interface together with Trevor, one of our programmers. At first i drew some blockouts to get te ideas out of my head and on the paper. After that the I build the new interface while Trevor build it up in engine. We also did a lot of testing in-game to make sure the interface works on multiple platforms and controllers. I really like how the interface turned out and i hope you will enjoy it aswell ! Below I have collected some screenshots from the new items I made. I hope you enjoy !

Another artist's journal

During my last crunch in World of Diving I have been busy with optimization of art, making sure the performance remains steady on 90 fps. This means setting up Levels of detail for models, culling distance, combining textures and efficiently use the amount of polygons where they matter most.

Something else I have done is placing mission items through the levels; Collectibles; Ocean garbage; mission markers.

In between tasks I have spend a few hours on setting up a block-out of the community shipwreck level that is going to be released in a future update.

U-boat new modular interior

Modelling various new items

Yet another artist's journal

Hello guys,

So i’ve been working on optimizing the levels to get them to 90 fps. I’ve done this by combining rocks with each other and make LOD’s for them. The meaning of LOD is (level of detail) , we work with lod models because, if you see a model in the distance you don't want it to have 10.000 vertices, but instead you want it to have 2000 vertices. The closer you get the more vertices you can see. This is how the LOD system works. I also made a lot of LOD’s for the 3d models in the level. I also added more fishes for the people that have a good PC so they can play in high mode en see more fishes. I’ve also been adding new mission markers, instead of the air tanks it became a starfish. We’ve been providing the levels with garbage, for clean the ocean mission, and we’ve been placing the collectables.

Greetings Yorick

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Nice update love it <3 :D

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Oh look more art and optimization, bla bla bla polishing a turd bla. Were the hell is the actual gameplay play content.

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This is a great update and was well worth waiting for. I've done some exploring on the first three levels and have had lots of fun. As far as gameplay, one of the things I've done so far is to find a wrench and use it to unlock a grate so that I could retrieve an object that was left behind by another diver. I'm enjoying getting back to WoD again and seeing all of the changes. Congrats to everyone.

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This is a first step in the right direction. Must admit that it all looks better and more polished now. Now that the foundation has been made, I hope there can finally be some depth, gameplay-wise.

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Sea admiral
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Congrats on the update. I left WoD about a year ago and never played it back until today. This update is the first real one I see in a while. You definitely earn back my attention at least for a while. When my new computer gets here I will go back more seriously into WoD with my new Oculus CV1 and looking forward for more stuff down the road.

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Glad to see the first significant update for this game in a while. I appreciate the work done so far on World of Diving and I hope this means that more core game play and level design will be forthcoming in the near future.

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Excellent! A big thanks to all developers. The new version is very stable with Oculus DK2 (oculus app version

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Thanks for your excellent update.
You do great job.
The game become more intense with missions to do and treasors to find. and the ocean to clean, there more fonctions.
The game become more fun to play.
Keep On the Great Arts!.
I Really enjoying it.
Wishing Success.


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Played the game yesterday with Piggly Wiggly for the 1st time in months and I have to say I was very impressed! Mainly by the amount of fish.. There's so many :D
Visually the game looks tons better and runs a lot better as well. I know the new missions are just rehashed ones from before but by putting them into missions you have made it a lot more fun.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this game moving on I'm just worried its going to take too long that people abandon it altogether. Is there any ETA on procedural Caves and stuff like that?