Friday Devblog 20

Branching out

Hello Everyone,
This week I created some really old Amphoras and started working on some mangrove tree roots for the Okavango level.
I just need to add some more branches to the roots before I will get in to adding the detail.

Crocodile Dundee

Hello guys,
This week I continued my work on the Nile crocodile, I finished the main body and now I'm working on the details for the skin. Love to do this kind of hi-poly modeling :)
Keep enjoying, and have a nice weekend!

Locked it!

This week I made two "loot" lockers, one heavily algae covered one and one slightly covered one:
I've also stared on making a mangrove tree for the upcoming Okavango Delta level:

Airboat transportation

Hey there!
Finished making the airboat and a Jerrycan that can go along with it.
I did not expect the airboat to become so big, it is now suitable for more diving spots on the boat. So get your friends together and start diving from this colossal!

Enjoy your hard earned weekend

Level art


Hi there,
This week I've continued my work on the Okavango (Nile) Delta. This is something totally different from the other levels. The idea is to go scuba for Nile Crocodiles (duh). It seems bit dangerous but it isn't because apparently the crocodiles ignore you when you are in the water. The Crocodile's prey is normally on land near the water, so the most dangerous part during the dive is when you are in the boat going into the water. Exciting!
I have been mainly working on the water shader(reflection) and a new terrain shader for this level.
Cheers Vincent



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Looking great guys !

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I love what you did there !

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Looking awesome, guys.

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I'm sorry. Some of you may know why I had to do this...


Raptr Gamercard

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Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Those roots look great, Lenn!

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These dev blogs just get more exciting every week. So much to look forward to. This game is just going to be epic.

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Loot lockers, that's not a knife it's a CROWBAR to open that! Do we get one please can we, go on please. I'll show those damn oysters.

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great stuff 8-) will we be able to swim in/around/under the mangrove roots or are the samller than they look?

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Wow! One fantastic Dev Blog after another. You guys have really been busy. I love the work you are doing. Have a great weekend!

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Thumbs up on all of your work!
As said @ the fish thread.
It might be cool, if you change the size of the crocos randomly by 10%. Color (Saturation) also by 10% to get some unique animals.

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Wow - now I am looking forward to the dive map and that airboat looks like fun for airboat racing.

OK, so yes I am the one that is still trapped in the tutorial. For those of you wondering how I do it and what happens when it occurs look here.