Friday Devblog 37

Unity 5 update

As you know, this week the update finally went live. Last week, the focus has been on getting the game to work on the other platforms again, as well as VR. Next up is fixing all of the major bugs that were caused by the update, so the game can be enjoyable again. Some content has to be added as well, like the missions in Okavango.

When we're done with all of that, we can finally focus on getting more features in the game, and maintaining a regular update cycle.

Okavango delta


Hello Everyone,

This week I continued my work on the Okavango Delta level, adding more decoration like plants, rocks and so on. The assets that were already in the level also got an improvement pass.

Right now I am working on adding collectibles, missions, crocodiles(!) and other fun things to see and do in the Delta.

Flying Dutchman

Hi guys!

The last few weeks a lot has been done, but mainly the texturing of the Flying Dutchman. We set up a scene in unity in which I am currently using different textures to blend over the ship, Imagine a layer of wood, over which we paint algae and other rotten wood artifacts.

I also sculpted a lot of new normal maps for the bow of the ship, which you can see here ;)



This week I have been busy with integrating OSVR (Open-Source Virtual Reality) into World of Diving. This VR platform by Razor is going to support many different VR devices, among which the Oculus Rift and a VR kit by OSVR themselves. You can find more info at the Razor OSVR website.

OSVR supports head (positional) tracking and potentially other external devices (input devices) in the future.
The way the game architechture is setup allows for easy implementation of new VR devices, but unexpected problems with new external devices or plugins almost always arise. Some are caused by different architectures of plugins (32-bit versus 64-bit) and some are caused by the way World of Diving works with VR.

World of Diving in VR is a little bit more complex, because multiple animating camera's are supported for WoD. Also, the head tracking must not allow the head of the player to be visible. Another issue is that head tracking must not allow for a player to move his head through a wall. All these things make the implementation of VR more complex than the average "just look around" type of games. But with our steady progress, OSVR should be added to World of Diving soon.



Hi guys,

I had the pleasure to work on some new fish AI the last week. We have some new species in the new scenario that required unique intelligence and movement. For example, the catfish has a long flat shape. This means they will have to maneuver differently in order to avoid colliding with other fish, environment and the player. As a general idea for the movement calculations; fish have to keep their own shape in mind when swimming. The smaller fish such as the clownfish is a rather simple calculation, they only have to look to where they are swimming and avoid when a collision is imminent for their eyes. Larger creatures such as the shark, dolphin, turtle and currently the catfish also have to make sure the rest of their bodies don't collide.

We check for imminent collision by shooting rays from certain locations on the body of the creatures. For small fish this is usually the middle of the head, between the eyes and we shoot the ray in the direction the fish is swimming. This way we can predict a collision by calculating where the fish would be when they keep swimming in the same course for a given amount of time. For larger creatures we require more sample locations on their bodies. For example: we also shoot rays from the sides of the turtle forwards, so they don't get stuck with their shell, or we shoot a ray down in a slope in case of a non-forward movement.

Furthermore I have been working on a plan for the AI for the crocodiles. Since these are also land creatures and the scenario they reside in have land for them to walk on, they will also require intelligence which decides whether they want to enter the water or remain on the surface. We are also making them a bit of a threat for smaller fish by making them hunt when in the proximity of their pray. Last days I have been in close collaboration with Lenn in order to prepare the art of the crocodiles for the AI ( animations, model state, basic swimming intelligence ).

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Good to see a lot of people are working on the game again

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And oh, since no one mentioned this; most of these updates/features will be playable in next week's build.
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Thats good to hear! Would it also be possible to add changelogs with future updates? This not only allows us to check on whats new, but might be handy for active testers, so they know the specific things they have to test.

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YAY ! \o/

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Thanks for the update guys. I like the direction the game is going. The Okavango site is a blast to explore. I keep finding new things and areas to explore on each visit. I love the lighting and atmosphere of the site.

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Thanks for all the fish
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Can you publish some patch notes for each update?
It would be nice to have an overview about all changes.

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Way to go, I got through a few problems but now I had a chance to see the new map and the rest of the update. I like what I see, The Dive center looks fab. the river map is rad, Once you put more things in it, it will be radder! Clever how you made it hard to explore, easy is no fun!
I walked a mile of river bank trying to look for that helicopter. That's when I realized Its a lot more meandering then expected. Looking forward to upcoming updates. great work

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Way too many going on still to be worrying about VR capabilities right now. Fix the glitches, then do that.

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Wonderful work guys, and that snout looks smashing Sieb :)