Friday Devblog 27

More oceanopedia!

Hey all, I have been working hard on the oceanopedia again. We made everything more readable by disabling screen effects for text. It is now more crisp. The tech for the oceanopedia is near finished and then we get started to get all the data in!

Crashed Helicopter

Hey Everyone,

This week I continued my work on the helicopter, finishing the textures and breaking the helicopter up into different chunks was my main goal.
I still need to improve the textures and fix some stretching here and there. I also want to break the rotor blades in a couple of pieces, since they rarely stay intact after impact with water due to the sheer rotational speed of the rotor. And as a finishing touch I want to add some more decals and stickers to the textures.

Then it is time to place the helicopter in the Delta and decorate the scene.

Work continues on the Unity 5 integration.


This week I've fixed a number of small bugs and performance regressions introduced with the Unity 5 upgrade.
Now that the graphical changes in the menu scene have been completed, there were a number of coding tasks that had to be done. These tasks included the configuration of camera effects and fixing some performance issues.

I've also improved the menu customization this week:
- Improved the control scheme
- The character model is now rotated instead of the camera
- The camera zooms in on the relevant body part when browsing the shop

See you next week!

Dive Shop

Hello Everyone,

During this week I expanded the counter, added in an attic, I also made some floor tiles and hung up some wet-suits.



This weeks work was mainly on the new bcd, I added new parts and I UVW unwrapped them. I am still designing thrusters to help you maneuver through the water. after the unwrapping is done I will bake texture maps, such as ambient occlusion and normal maps, and I will finish the color and specular textures.

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Points: 275199

YAY ! New devblog !

I can't wait to see unity 5 interface :)

And a good idea in the oceanopedia !

10 users have voted.

I suggest changing the word 'theory' in the oceanopedia to 'info' or 'information'.

Cant believe the update will finally be here within max 11 days!

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Man I am stoked for this update! It's all looking so nice devs, keep it up! =)

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Looking great as always !!! The Oceanopedia looks to be a bit easier to read.

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Another great update! You are making good progress and it is obvious that everyone is working hard. I'm looking forward to the update.

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Shark whisperer
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Looks great! The dive shop looks way too clean, though! Roughen it up!

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Aye aye captain!
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Good work as always!

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maybe you take out some parts of the outer hull of the helicopter like this example:

Just an idea :)

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Aye aye captain!
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Oh, been gone way too long. Nice update, keep up the good work, all!

In deep water, way over my head. All is well.

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Cool, any ETA when we'll be seeing the improvements in the game?

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Do not know this what time will update, it seems that this game has no good for a long time in the updated.

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The Oceanopedia looks good, The helicopter looks a little chunky, Looking forward to being able to go into the dive shop to look around, Still don't see my big screen TV on any wall !

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Diving buddy
Points: 100

Nice Stills . Good graphic looks better

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Diving buddy
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Yeah - Very apreciate you skills in 3d - nice look - kepp go further
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