Friday Devblog 44 (see update)

Update (July 24, 2015): Unfortunately we don't have a development update this week, because we're working on the GamesCon 2015 build.

Level visuals and lots of fixes

Like I said last week, I've been busy with level specific camera effects. The system for having different post-processing effects in each scene was finished last week. We've been working on configuring some of the effects this week. First off was the Lockheed level.

I've showed you a screenshot last week of Lockheed as we've configured it. Now I've sat with the artists to configure the effects so they also work from a technical standpoint. This means making sure that the player's tools are not blurred out by the depth of field effect, the under water fog correctly masks the popping in and out of models, and that the camera effects look good in both the lighter and darker environments. For now, the diving base and Lockheed have gotten a visual update. They may still be tweaked later on though. The other levels will follow later.

I've been fixing lots and lots of small things the last few weeks as well. These are thing like the very bad performance of the Okavango level; Lots of small performance increases; Removing models in various levels that weren't removed after adjusting the terrain; Making sure all coin and oyster spawn points are on the terrain instead of under it; Increasing the slope at which the player can walk, so he's got less trouble climbing stairs, and loads of other fixes like these.

Lockheed and Diving base visual update

The last visual update of World of Diving looked like.. euh, well how to say this politically correct? Well, it looked like crap!. So this week we decided to invest time into tweaking of the level environments, the lights, underwater fogging, color schemes and other minor visual bugs:

(click to enlarge) W3Schools W3Schools W3Schools W3Schools W3Schools W3Schools

I've mainly focused on Lockheed and the Diving base level, the other levels will be adjusted in the next update. Hopefully you guys will jump in for a dive in this fresh looking update!

Have a great weekend ;)

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This was a great update guys. I've had fun exploring again and noticed lots of fixes. Thanks!

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Yep, me too, this update is great ! I hope to see more blue and no red in the other maps also :)

See yah !

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Thanks for all update! Great work! I saw all.

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Nice, first chance I get (when I get home) I'll have to check them out. Keep up the great work guys

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Visually this update is great. I noticed the daily missions are harder to find because the red box is not seen till you get to the object and in many cases you can see the target better then the red box.

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Looks a lot better. The pool should be a bit clearer, but I assume you're using the same filters on the entire area. If you could switch to a clearer filter for the pool, and change it when exiting the pool area, it would add quite a bit to the area.

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Can't we see something from the Gamescom 2015 build?

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Or mabey a hint what you're guys up to?

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Sorry "maybe" :) (There is no edit button)

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I very much dought it piggly! Wont be anything new anyway.

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So, any sneak peak at the GamesCon2015 build, and will it be in the next update (hopefully soon)?

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Would be nice to see if you guys have done anything.

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Guys, that last photo comparison between the new and old Lockheed sites is a perfect example of how ugly the new area looks. That green hue is terrible and is causing a lot of issues with coloring.

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Thanks for all the fish
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Posted an overall update here. Any questions can be asked there.