Friday Devblog 35



Welcome to another devblog. The update is getting closer and closer (finally!). Our programmers are working like sharks to finish the last bugs and tweaks on the Untiy 5 build. If everything goes well we can think about releasing a first update next week. We've also listened to your suggestions and feedback about the updates. You've been waiting too long for a new update, and we do not want to repeat this same mistake again. So after this next "Big" update we will go back to small and hopefully weekly update. So you can finally enjoy WoD on a more regular basis. Have a great weekend!


Last few pieces...

The last few weeks I've been working on one of the last few pieces of the puzzle that has to be solved before pushing the Unity 5 beta to live; VR.

While Unity promises full Oculus Rift support in its latest Beta release, it's still very buggy and not yet suitable to release a game for. After drawing that conclusion, I've focused on getting the new Steam VR plugin into the game. This will also support the Oculus Rift, and all of the other major VR devices out there.

After the VR implementation is done, all is left is making sure everything works on all of the platforms (currently, the beta is only live for Windows).

Dive Base Fixes


Hello Everyone,

This week I fixed a lot of bugs in the dive base, including some of the Phaota list bugs.
-Fixed rock clipping through the tunnel.
-Fixed some placement of pieces of coral and barnacles.
-Fixed broken row boat not having collision.
-Fixed some rocks near the tunnel not having collision.
-Fixed canon rope not having the correct texture.

Yongala final patches


Hello Everyone!
I continued my work on the chamber below deck of the Yongala shipwreck. I fixed some issues regarding the textures, placed some more plants and did an overall finishing pass on the chamber.

Bismarck sub


Hey guys!

This week I took some textures and polished them. I gave a lot of shaders a heightmap wich will make it look way better.
See the pictures below for those stunning depths! I Also re-baked some lightmaps for the submarine and bismarck shipwreck.
This took alot of time because some UV's were not up-to-date. I also looked at the tiling of some textures and polished them in photoshop to make it look like they repeat correctly.

Untill next devblog, have a nice weekend!

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Everything is really looking good guys. Thanks for the info on the updates. The conversion to Unity was a big project and changes could not be released a little bit at a time, so the length of time from the last update is understandable. It was a lot of work for you, but it was necessary and will certainly pay off in the long run.

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Good News Jesse !!! I'm pumped ! You guys are great, Looking forward to the near future,.
Once you get this update out of the way everyone will be busy for a while and give you all a break. Live and Learn! I think giving us an update once a month would be something we could all live with, Just MHO!

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Aye aye captain!
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Nothing to say, just an update please

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Thank you all for the report, always nice to see and hear that things are in motion :)

It's good to know about coming update Jesse, I have read about some people really getting nervous waiting for it for a long time, that may relief some pressure on that :)

Enjoy the weekend :)

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Loving the updates and am looking forward to the big update. On a sided note about the dive base, I found a clipping error in the tunnel. As soon as you leave the second gate, the first seam you come to you can swim through the left side that faces the sunken boat.

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Looking forward to exploring all those places that are presently out of bounds!!!

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Aye aye captain!
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Today is the hundred and fifty-ninth day without update

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I really hope that this week is the update week!
Thumbs up!