Friday Devblog 60


Hello divers!

Before we start with the World of Diving tech updates I would like to address some questions you guys wrote on the forums regarding the World of Diving builds.

Over the last few months (next to the work-for-hire assignments we did to pay the bills) we’ve been investing every free hour into World of Diving. The programming team has been working a lot on the background features that will help the development and stabilise the game in the long run.

Sending out new builds at this point doesn’t make a lot of sense since it would look like not much changed on the front end - which is not the case at all. This has been the case for the last few builds, and we’ve noticed that these were not very well received. We understand your disappointment with them, but in all honesty, hearing it can be a bit demotivating at times for our team - we’re passionate about this game and therefore we’re investing a lot, much more than we’re getting out of it (it’s not a goldmine as some of you seem to think ;-)).

But more importantly, we must make sure that in the end this game will be completed without getting side-tracked too much in order to implement the more in-the-face changes so that we can ‘prove’ to our community that the game is progressing. We want to finish our game, the ambitious project we started working on almost two years ago.

As such, we hope that you understand that we have decided to temporarily pause the distribution of new builds for at least the holiday season and most likely winter in its entirety. This will give our team the possibility to focus on the long-term development for World of Diving - the ‘boring’ stuff. We will keep you updated with the game’s progression as usual via the Friday devblogs as we build up to the next big World of Diving build the coming time.

Hopefully you will understand our decision will be best for the game and our community in the long run.



Graphical user interface conversion

This week I finished the conversion of the tile views to the new Unity UI, like I wrote about last week. While the tiles themselves were now in the new system, their background are still in the old. I decided to start with converting the rest of the shop view. You could call this a special case, as all of the backgrounds of the shop view tiles have the currency (dubloons and pearls) at the top. The rest of the views have the same background. By background I mean the box behind the tiles, the header with a title in it above the box, and some buttons below it.

Next week I'll be with converting the rest of the backgrounds together with the buttons below them. Hopefully this will conclude the GUI conversion for the main menu. After this, the UI elements in-game will be converted.

New Input System

The new input system that I started last week has been completely implemented this week, except for the actual key-bindings menu that still has to be implemented. because Johann is still busy with the new Unity GUI system, it would not be efficient to make this menu, only to have to redo it after Johann has completed his task. Therefore this will be postponed until after that's done. So the input handling implementation is completed, where the help icons that are displayed now display the correct icon based on your current key-bindings. So say you change the button for interacting with mission markers or coins, the correct button image is displayed.

This new update now also allows the use of several different controller types out of the box. If there is a controller that is not supported and there is a popular demand for support, we can now easily add support for that controller. This was very difficult with the old Unity system. We've had issues with the Xbox one controller on Windows 10 before, which is fixed with the new updates. Several people have experienced that their input was being captured by some other device, making it impossible to play the game normally with keyboard and mouse. In theory, this should not be a problem any more. It will now only detect a controller if a button is pressed, not if a stick or steering wheel is rotated (which seemed to be the cause of these issues).

There have been a few minor changes in the control scheme, such as the changing of manipulation mode in the mission editor (to rotate, scale, distance etc.).
After implementing this, I've been testing the input on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux), to make sure that it works correctly with keyboard/mouse and controller. Now we only have Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers in our office, so if any of you guys are using other types of controllers, please let us know if and how well these work after you have tested these with the following game update.

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Points: 275199

Remember that the trolls are always the same, always a minority. Even on steam, every time you post an update on the blog, you always have Chodagirl and Piggy trolling your anouncements.
As I already said, I suggest you don't take their minority trolling into account. Like any people wishing to destroy (And the last IRL events are not proving me wrong...) we only hear about them and their sad behavior, when the vast majority of people stays silent because there is nothing to say.

If the agressive and childish answers just bother you, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO and ban them from your forums and ignore their messages and continue your task.

I am not alone here having uninstalled the game because I cannot find any fun coming back here while those trolls are trolling and being agressive and trying to destroy everything because they are frustrated and hateful.

At a moment you will have to choose between civilized people who can give feedback without insulting or being angry, which is called "contructive criticism" and those who are agressive and impossible to live with because their EGO take too much place.

Violence will win only when you let them win. Doing so you will always push aside those who prefer civilized exchanges and you will atract those who think violently. Even, sometimes, peacefull people will start to become violent because of those sad people.

Make your choice but make it quick. There is no problem with the game because there is no game for now, only tests and modifications and construction.

When I bring my car to the mechanic and he invite me to stay, I don't complain when he remove the wheels to change something behind that will work better after that. I don't complain on an unfinished business. Doing so is foolish, childish and egoistic.

Act considering those people or civilized people but don't stay in between. I understand you don't want to disappoint anyone, but the thing is : by doing so, you disappoint anyway.

So pick those who you will disappoint and do it now and once and for all, if not, you will disappoint everyone.

I can understand that you may choose those who shout like savages because their "precious" game is not like they want, but at least I will be fixed and will remain out of this game for good because I cannot live with those violent people who respect nobody but (remotely) themselves...

But at least, your choice will be plain and honest

Take care and may the winds be favorables.

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I never really comment on their Steam posts or announcements, but do try to help out people on the WoD Steam forums, on very rare occasions. And I do have a negative review on Steam, which I will remove when and if the game gets to where it's supposed to be (I guess in the long term). I still see all my criticism as constructive, even though the majority of it might be negative, but that is because I feel that WoD derailed very badly a few months ago and I hope that my criticism (which is what most people think) helps the devs gets the game back on track. There's a reason why I still browse this forum on a daily basis.

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Well I respect your decision. And I'm not saying that the review's don't have a point about WoD not being a really fun game to play but we are working on WoD and will do so until it is finished.
The thing is we will be doing this on our own way not the way a lot of people thing we should work. I always see us being compared with Subnautica and that's not realistic because of the development budgets. We cannot focus entirely on WoD because than our income would stagnate and the game would die together with Vertigo Games. So a negative review does not change our mind because we are still dedicated to the project on our own way.
The only thing it does in my opinion is prevent new players form supporting the development process. So instead of helping it kind of breaks down even if the reviews are realistic about the state of the game right now.

Have a nice day

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I will delete my review. But ofcourse, there are still many negative reviews left on the store page. Also do keep in mind that, if all negative reviews were to be deleted, then my guess is that most of the 'newcomers' will still post a negative review because they see the current state of the game.
So its either our negative reviews and people interested in WoD wont buy it OR they are not informed about the current state, then buy the game and post a negative review anyway.

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Puc's picture
Points: 51732

Nice thanks!;) I think you are right although the people buying the game right now did not go through the development so far. So I hope they won't get the same kind of frustration you and a lot of other backers had. about the game not being what you hoped it would be right now. Because for them it is just a work in progress game with not a lot to-do.I also think that we won't sell a lot more on Steam because it is still in early access and hopefully a lot of people will buy this when it is done. Once again thanks and it is nice to know you are still around!
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Sea admiral
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Pissed off customers are not the same as trolls. That you choose to suggest they are is to ignore the simple fact that Vertigo Games has massively let down its customer base. It hurts the game and it hurts Vertigo Games as a brand. That is the problem and the only way for Vertigo Games is to do something to restore confidence in their game.

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I have mixed feelings about this dev update.

First, it seems to reinforce the inherent flaws in WoD's design. If the dev team feels the need to step back and do a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes work to get the game to something reasonable, then clearly the underlying design has problems. In fact, this was apparent during the whole Unity 4 -> Unity 5 switch.

On the other hand, if it means they are going back to the drawing board and are going to put together something amazing, then by all means. Maybe there is hope yet they can somehow "wow" us. I personally doubt it though, going by the current track record of disappointment.

In the meantime people are already pissed off and have been for awhile now. Months longer with no updates is just going to result in a further continued stream of negative reviews and even further decrease in player activity.

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I doubt there doing any massive changes or game overhauls on the backend, there probably running low on cash or just plain out and are putting the game on hold and just not pushing out updates, not that the game was really getting updates anyways.

More of the exact same as theve been doing just ramping down that development and nothing more.

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I respect if you want to go deep reworking the game.
May I suggest two things:
1. Before you pause your updates, takes one two days to clean up the current version. First play ALL maps by yourself as a group dive. Turn back the lighting settings to a nice diving enviroment for example.
2. During this pause post as many Screenshots, Artworks, Scematics and Videos as possible what your are doing.

That would be great!


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A great suggestion right there Egyptsun *two thumbs up*

I follow no path in life. I walk straight and leave a trail for others to follow.

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Points: 1142054

Hi Egyptsun, thanks for your feedback.
Are you playing the beta or normal version? (the beta version is created with Unity 5.2, and this unfortunately messes up the lighting & shaders once again) . The regular version should look fine though.

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Hi Richard,
I'm playing the normal version.

Lighting changed (compare it to old screenshots or video footage):
- Hilma & U-352 have now a very cold blue lighting + rocks have a very strong reflection like reflecting ice.
-Swimming Pool map got also very cold (Kelvin wise).
- Yongala got very very dark. (It had the best lighting of all maps before).
-Lockheed and U-352 have too much fog.
-Brony could also get more light under water again.

Other stuff:
- water particles are extreme white (as they would be when you use a torch light). Turn them down or more transparent.
- After some of your performance tweaks rocks started to change their shape from low res to structures with more details very close to the diver. Also the round corals do this. This should not be in visible range of the diver, becaus it destoys the underwater dive feeling.

For future lighting look at this:

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Hi Egyptsun,
The reflection on the Hilma & U-352 is fixed in our development build, the cold blue lighting or sort of a choice/different style.

I personally did the WoD lighting with Unity 4 and was actually very proud of it, but somehow I just can't get the same look with Unity 5 (really trying). Plus these freak'n Unity updates (Unity 5.1 to 5.2 for example) changes the entire look of the game and I have to re-tune all the lighting. Really frustrating I must say.

The fogging system we use is also different, the Unity 5 one looks really milkey, no matter the settings.
I'm actually working on improving the lighting this week. Will show you guys an update about my progress on the devblog soon.

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Thank you Richard for you answer and your work!

Wouldn't it make more sense to have one lightning/color system changing by depth and maybe time of the day?

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Points: 489471

I think you guys have a solid vision for the game and know what to do to make it a reality. I'm wishing you the best for a productive winter. Thanks for the Devblogs each Friday. I'll be following them with interest as usual.

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Points: 1142054

Hi Jace. Thank you for your support - appreciated!