Friday Devblog 57

Additional fish and Marine Biologist

This week I had to do a lot of school work and was unable to make progress on World of Diving. However, I’m still writing a Friday DevBlog to keep you informed about the game.

An update we’re working towards, is adding new fish species to the game. Unfortunately I’m not able to give a specific date when these fishes will be included into the game.

A little preview of new fish species are:
- Archerfish
- Jellyfish
- Orca
- Sperm Whale
- Great White Shark

Another thing I’m going to share is one of the additional gameplays for the Marine Biologist.

The biologist job would, next to be fun to play, also inform the player about the marine flora and fauna. This includes saving them. Marine animals are able to get stuck in nets and need help to survive. The player is also able to protect the flora against garbage by removing this from the sea floor.

Internal build tool

This week was a short one for me as I was only at the office for a couple of days. I've decided to do another quick task; the internal build tool.

We've always wanted a tool helping us to create and upload builds for all platforms. Right now it's quite a task to get everything ready. This is mainly because of the long waits between each step of the build; switching to the next platform to build, waiting for Unity to switch to the platform, starting the build, copying the builds to the Steam content builder directories, starting the upload. At each of these steps we have to wait for them to complete, then actually be at the build PC to start the next step. This takes a lot of time.

The build tool enables building and uploading for all platforms with a single action. Starting the tool automatically updates the game content and code to the latest version, starts a build for each platform and then uploads it all to our Steam testing branch.

While making a build still takes a while, at least a lot less interaction is needed which takes up valuable development time.

Collect item objective & Procedural stuff

This week I have worked on optimization of code related to photographing objects. The fish AI has been optimized enough so that we can now have high amounts of sea life. However, the camera system must also do some math to calculate how well each potential picture object will be photographed. This also displays a rectangle, which is either red or green, based on the quality of the object in the frame. This worked perfect for normal amounts of picture objects, but for these high amounts of fishes (which are all picture objects), the system was not fast enough. After some optimizations, this is now also a lot faster than it was before. Conclusion: nothing can hinder us any more in having and displaying the large amounts fishes, which we want to create a vibrant and lively sea environment.

Other than that, the procedural collect item objective has been implemented, which allows us developers to create randomized collect item missions. However, this is currently not supported in the mission editor.

Lastly, The 'go to location' objective has been implemented in its core. In this objective the player has to go to certain locations in a level. There is still some work to be done for this objective. For example the implementation of this objective for the mission editor, so that everyone can use the 'go to location' objective in their own missions!

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Will these fish be added to existing levels or new levels?

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Need for speed-boat
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Existing c:
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Thanks for the update. It's all very interesting and it sounds like progress is being made.

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Sea admiral
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On the one hand, I'm exited to see new undersea life added to the game. But on the other hand, we really need more dynamic behavior/AI for these additions to be interesting.

Hopefully the latter will come before the former.

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I would like to say that the VR will continue still stable. I'm very grateful.
Zoé, the Marine biologist job is very good idea. I can't wait.
Thanks for all work and optimization!