Friday Devblog 56

Sea-life behaviour

This week I finally finished my marine animal research. Every animal has a catalog with its different characteristics such as minimum and maximum length, diving depth, diet, preferred swimming area, sounds and in which level it is able to appear in. A lot of fish are able to swim in different seas and oceans, for example the Caribbean and Pacific. However there are some marine animals which prefer to live in a specific sea or area.

This means that each levels will contain different kinds of fish compared to other levels as well.

Another thing I researched is animal behavior. For example, is the fish fearless, aggressive, shy or perhaps curious? And which animals will allow human interactions? For example, is the player able to feed the fish or is it too shy? Or how about being able to swim with a dolphin by holding its flippers?

A concept I’ve been coming up with is giving the player the opportunity to fill the Ocean-o-pedia himself. There’ll be a few hints given which informs the player where the animal prefers to swim or hide. Based on the hints the player should be able to find the animal. The ocean-o-pedia will be updated with general information after the player took a picture of the animal.

This way I hope to add another gameplay element to those who would like to learn more about marine animals and to add a bit of diversity and interaction with the Ocean-o-pedia. Next week I’ll be working on gameplay objects and mock-up missions. This way I’ll get to know what kinds of gameplay objects I need in order to make some fun missions and free diving experiences.

Most of this is still concept work. We hope to add all these fish interactions into the game at some point, but at the moment we can't guarantee that all of these features will make it into the initial release.

Collect item objective & Procedural stuff

This week has been another week of many code improvements. First off I finished the collect objective so that it could actually be implemented inside a level. It is now also added to the mission builder, along with some place-holder art for buttons etc.

After making this I soon realised that a collect type objective would work best when the collectable objects would be spawned at the start of an objective or mission and cleaned up afterwards. This would then allowed me to create objectives that actually changed depending on what objects where spawned when starting the objective. For example; if a tea pot was spawned at the start of an objective, that has to be the photograph target.

This was already the case for the daily missions of course, but the code for daily missions wasn't reusable for other purposes. That is why I improved this piece of code so that any object could be randomly spawned and used for an objective, also for 'collect item' type objectives. It also opens door to more easily generate random content for other types of objectives in the future.

Other things I've been busy with is fixing bugs and finding out why the fog in our levels has been looking kind of bland as of lately. It appears there is a way for us to fix this and give it back the nice shading gradient it once had, so stay tuned for more information!

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Nice work !

About the last update we had several days ago : could you please say what changed then, so we can test it and see if it works ?

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Sea admiral
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This update was made with a newer version of Unity and had some VR fixes. But due to this, some graphical glitches have crept in that are being fixed at the moment. So this beta update is only meant for players who want to play in VR (and if this is broken in the live version)

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Thank you Sir !

This unity engine (in general) seems to bring more and more problems at each updates !

You are not the only one who say that. It looks like a good choice at the begining but I am sure that any other engine would have been better for a lot of devs on the long run.

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Hi Jeroen,
Wouldn't it make more sense to updating the water color based on the depth of the diver instead of doing one coloring for each map?
Red & Greens get absorbed so the color should get gradually more blue the deeper one goes below the water level.
I heared that this is allready built in Unity 5.
cheers and thanks for all your bug fixing!

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Yes, physically realistic lighting is still on the to-do list, but we're saving that for later. Although I'm pretty sure Unity doesn't have something like this built-in, it does provide us color correction functionality which is useful for implement this feature.

What this fix from the dev-blog is about, is the light in-scattering that makes the underwater lighting so much more aesthetically pleasing and also feels more realistic.

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Oh my god, I am glad I am not the only one saying this !

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Proper fish AI and environmental interaction is something I've been hoping for since first playing this game. Hopefully it can be eventually integrated in a way that is engaging and interesting for the player.

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Thank you very much again for VR update. It's been a fantastic amount of work.

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The information on sea-life behavior is really interesting Zoé. I hope a lot of your research makes it into the game. It sounds like you're doing a good job of generalizing code Jeroen. Thanks for all your work and for the update.