Friday Devblog 55

Environment and sea-life behavior

Last week I introduced the new camera features and this week I’ve been busy documenting them. More information about how the new features will work is going to be discussed in the next Friday Dev Blog. Today I wanted to talk about the environment. This is a concept as well, just like my other posts, and I don’t claim it to be implemented into the game.

The ocean is full of life and we love to interact with it. We are able to feed fish, swim with animals and even caress them! However, how many times did sea life interact with us? Did you ever dive and turned to face a seal, dolphin or turtle who looked right at you out of curiosity? Or any other kind of sea life?

These kinds of interactions are occur frequently. A lot of marine animals are curious and love to check out what we’re up to in this strange but beautiful world. To make the environment more interesting to dive and explore in, I thought it would be a really cool idea if the environment would interact with us as well. Of course we’ve got ideas for players being able to interact with animals but imagine swimming around and about when suddenly a curious dolphin swims up to you, out of the blue and ready to play. Or how about a whale calf, swimming away from his mom to check you out?

I did quite some research about which animals interact with people and their behavior towards us. But why did I research the environment instead of working on the new diving modes? The reason I decided to do some research about the environment is quite simple. I really wanted to start documenting the mission and free diving mode but I didn’t fully understand how the environment was going to function. Since both diving modes interact with the environment, I felt like I had to get to know the environment better. Hence my research about different sea and river environments.

Collect item objective

This week I continued the work I started last week by refactoring bits of code related to Objectives. Through the development process of World of Diving, code has been made that is used for a time but is eventually removed because revisions of the design didn't suit a particular feature. But often game-specific pieces of code remain that aren't used anymore. This does however make it harder to add new functionality because you have to take this into account. So the objective system has been cleaned up a bit, but it is probably not yet in the state where it needs to be eventually.

After the refactoring work I started working on the Collect items objective. This objective type requires the player to pick up certain items; like trash on the sea-floor or anything that the designer has in mind. The way this is currently made is by selecting items which have been placed in the level for that mission. To make things consistent, this is done the same way as it is done with the multi-shot photograph objective. It is currently in the testing and debug phase (includes multiplayer testing) and will be finished soon.

Next up after the collect items objective is the implementation of the 'go to location' objective.

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