Friday Devblog 54

Camera Upgrade & Progress

This week I’ve been focusing on the camera mechanics to make it more challenging. Keep in mind that realistic photography and photography in games are two different things. Of course I want to keep it as realistic as possible but it needs to be fun and, most importantly, we need to be able to build it. Just like every other post I’ve written so far: these are just concepts and might be changed!

Some of the extra camera features include:
  • Being able to zoom in and out
  • The camera will have a memory restriction
  • There will be a memory album. You’ll be able to look up your photos and delete them if you want. This’ll replace the current memory.
  • Depth of field. This is an extra challenge because you’ll need to focus, otherwise the picture will be blurry.

Another thing I wanted to share with you guys is progression. How will you level throughout this game? I explained two weeks ago that there’ll be four jobs. For now we decided to stick to three; archeology, marine biology and photography.
Each job has a certain amount of levels and leveling up will unlock new tools and items. The unlockable tools and items are unique. For example, marine biology level 2 gives you a knife whereas archeology level 2 will give you shovel.
Completing missions will give you a big amount of experience. However this experience is for one job only. For example, you’ll earn experience in the archeology level when you’ve completed an archeology mission. Leveling while free diving is different compared to mission mode. Before I explain more about this, I want to give a reminder that the free diving mode is about diving freely and not about diving without air tanks. But free diving without air is on the idea list, don’t worry.
In the free diving mode you’ll be able to interact with animals and various objects. You’ll earn experience based on the interaction you perform. For example, you’ll earn marine biology experience when you save a dolphin from a fishing net.

There’s also going to be a general level. This level adds up all the job experiences you already have earned. However, instead of unlocking items and tools, this level unlocks boosts. For example a speed boost.

Multiplayer & VR fixes and Passive tools

This week I've been busy with fixing several bugs, but more importantly with setting up code for new features!

First off, squashing the bugs! Community missions weren't being started correctly in multi-player matches. There was some code refinement necessary to fix this problem. Now the master diver will first load the mission from Steam Workshop and when successful it will send a network message to other players to start loading that mission. Because there is a possibility for Steam Workshop mission loading to fail, we have to handle these special cases. For now we just disconnect the clients that failed to load the community mission for some reason (this can be because of a bad connection, Steam has gone offline etc.). There is now also a loading indicator when the community mission is loaded. The community mission terminal will now also show a message when you are running Steam in offline mode (and thus the community missions can't be started).

We have also updated to the latest Unity version which seems to have fixed the VR issues we had before. It also fixed some graphical issues, but because we actually used wrong settings in our game before to work around these issues, it now doesn't look as it should. So this will be tweaked soon and after that a beta will be set up so people with Oculus runtime v0.7 can play the game again.

I have also started reworking some code for a passive tool system. Passive tools are tools which do not need to be equipped, but still have a function of their own.
Currently the head light is the only passive tool, but this allows us to easily add new passive tools in the future. What could these passive tools be? This is mostly up to Zoé and what comes out of our brainstorm sessions. I leave it up to her to enlighten you guys with our ideas in the coming weeks!

3D printing

It was a short week for me, as I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks, starting Thursday. Because of this, I couldn't commit to large time consuming tasks. Instead, I decided to implement the EUCL3D 3D print feature. This was on the to-do list for some time already. The main reason for implementing this is it'll get us some exposure later on.

EUCL3D offers a way to 3D print custom models from within a game. We thought it'd be cool to be able to print your character the way you've customized it. Implementing this was fairly easy. EUCL3D had already provided a way to send a model to them from a Unity game. The information sent includes things like the different shapes (in our case the character model and your equipped items) and their colors.

You can choose to print your character from the customization screen. Then you can enter your information for shipping and your credit card information. Finally, EUCL3D will start the printing process and will contact you if there are any problems.

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Spudnic240 Of The Sea's picture
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Great news about the camera although its still just a concept like that last posts.. Cant 3D printing wait? Or is there nothing else to do.

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Shark whisperer
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The game doesnt start anymore... have to delete and install again if its finished ;)
Zoe ? Wanna go out ? :)

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Really like what I'm hearing, seems like you bring a lot of great ideas. How do all this connect with the current roadmap?

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The new camera features sound interesting as well as the plans for game progression.
Have a great vacation Johann!

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The Camera sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing it in the game (when it's implemented)and spending some time playing with it on my days off from work.

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Scuba diver
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The game doesn't work in VR with my setup. When I start the game a tiny window of the game shows on my monitor and my Rift shows the warning message, but I can't see anything through the rift. The camera in game does move when I look around in the rift. :(

- Windows 7
- Runtime: 0.7

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We are aware that there are problems with VR at the moment, specifically for users with runtime 0.7. We have already fixed this internally but the update is not ready for release yet. Keep watch for this new update and you will be able to play VR as normal again.