Friday Devblog 30

Even more bug fixes

This week I've focused on some of the bugs that were reported about the new WoD beta (thanks for reporting them by the way!). For instance, the following bugs were resolved:

- The cursor size is now independent of the resolution
- The Oceanopedia controls are more intuitive
- The FPS counter is once again visible
- The chat doesn't open when you are interacting with other interface elements

Together with Vincent, we've solved a lot of the surfacing/submerging/water surface line issues. For instance, in the past, the underwater fog was turned on once you submerged, while this sometimes caused issues where you could see the underwater world without fog when you were just on the water surface. We changed that so the fog is always on. We also don't have to mask the surfacing anymore, so we've disabled the extreme surfacing particles.

I've also just finished the new update to the WoD beta, with all of the above fixed, and more levels in it.

Lockheed update


This week the terrain in the lockheed level got an update and the textures are now Unity 5 ready.
As I said last week I gave the Lockheed Electra plane an update. I did not have to do any research thanks to our amazing community!
Check out Phaota's post, he did all the research that was needed.
I've spend the rest of my time working on the other wrecks that were broken because of missing textures and changes in shaders.
They are back in action now and I am currently working on the flora of some levels.

Dive shop


During this week I mostly made small fixes to the Island level, however I did bake a light map for the dive shop


Hey guys!

I am currently working on a decorative octopus for on the flying dutchman. I am using zbrush for sculpting and texturing.
This is pretty new software to me I am constanly finding new things and tools. I also worked on the inside compartments of the ship, which was a bit tricky.

Fixes and Improvements

Hello Everyone,

This week I continued my work on the Okavango Delta, adding some more props and optimizing textures/meshes.
After that I started on the big list of bugs/glitches in the SS Yongala level that Phaota shared with us on the World of Diving forum. They were mostly issues regarding missing colliders, and some oddly places props and particle effects.
There are still a few things that need fixing, and after that I will be moving on to the other levels to fix the other glitches Phaota mentioned.

I wish to add that the lists with glitches are greatly appreciated, and we are doing our best to fix everything that is listed on there.

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As always : thanks to you :)

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You are making wonderful progress! The screen shots are looking great.
Thanks Phaota for you extensive work in identifying and documenting bugs.

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Everything is looking amazing. Y'all ROCK !!!!!!

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Aye aye captain!
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The dive shop looks really great! Will we get to actually walk around in there? The dive base poolside area has always looked so inviting I want to go hang out there.

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Great job as always! That octopus will be so cool once it's on location :)

I follow no path in life. I walk straight and leave a trail for others to follow.

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Scuba diver
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Hi team, are randomly generated oceans still a long term goal for later on in the development process?

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Thank you guys for the news, it's always nice to see what's ongoing in your creative minds ;)

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The new Coral reef at the Pool-level is now ready t dive! Yeah :) thanks!

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The dive shop looks good, hope we can enter it in the next update.
Keep it up!

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It's nice to know my work has paid off. :) Looking great so far guys. Can't wait to enjoy the new overhaul, and look for more bugs. LOL This time though, I might do it in video format instead of just photos, since it's easier that way and you can actually see them in action.