Friday Devblog 53

Game Concepts 2.0 free diving

Last week I gave a little preview of the mission mode. Today I’ll be giving a preview about free diving. Free diving gives the player the opportunity to explore without being forced to complete the missions. Instead of completing missions to level up, the free diving mode gives the player experience and dubloons by interacting with the environment. This way, the player is still able to level while exploring the map, instead of completing missions, and unlock new tools to explore with. However, the experience and dubloons given by interactions in free diving mode will be a less compared to the rewards given by completing missions. These interactions don’t take a lot of time and thus the experience and dubloons are not as much as completing a mission.

Free diving and mission mode can be combined. When completing a mission the player unlocks the next one. You can start this mission whenever you want.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the missions are in chronological order. When you’ve leveled up through free diving, you still need to complete the first mission before unlocking the next one. Being max level doesn’t mean you unlock the last mission as well.

VR and Multiplayer community missions

This week I have been busy with several small bugs which needed to be fixed. We've also got messages on the forums (both and Steam) that certain people had issues with VR. Because Oculus Rift compatibility is important to us, I have been figuring out what caused these issues for some people.The game seemed to be rendering on the desktop, but not on the rift itself. We do not know the exact cause yet, but it appears to have something to do with resolution changes at start-up (this has to do with the resolution loading from settings at start up). More information about this soon!

A few weeks earlier we made a change in how the player can rotate his character in VR, further than what normal seated head rotation would allow. We did this by rotating the player when looking far to the left or right with his head. But some people preferred using the right stick to rotate as it was before. We have now made it a setting where the user can decide how he wants to rotate the player with looking to left or right or using the right controller joystick as well as tweaked this a bit.

Lastly I have been busy with fixing some Steam workshop related issues like: Retrying connection to Steamworkshop when it had failed & synchronizing the starting of community missions in multiplayer sessions. This is also still work in progress.

Expirimental stuff

My update will be short for this week. Last week I have been working on some updates together with external partners.
I can't share much about these changes yet unfortunately until we have them in a further development state. This because we might end up not using them eventually, it is all very experimental but very interesting to work on.

Even if we end up not using the features I might be able to share a bit more about it in the future! Additionally we had quite some discussions this week about upcoming gameplay features so there will be some of my influences there ;).

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Talking about freediving:
Apnoe freediving and monofins were in discussion.

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Hi Egyptsun, thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I can't find the discussion. Could you tell me where I can find it? For now free diving is being able to dive and do whatever you feel like doing. Monofins is a very fun idea which I'll add to the "idea" list and I'll try to figure out what Apnoe free diving is. I do know about Apnea free diving, is Apnoe similar or something completely different? I can't promise that everything everyone suggest is going to make it into the game, but just know that we consider the suggested ideas!