Friday Devblog 47

New VR movement style

This week I've finishes the new VR movement style to reduce nausea. This new movement style uses the player's head rotation in real life to rotate the player, instead of direct input from devices like gamepads or the mouse. Some changes have been made compared to the initial design.

The initial design was something like this:
- When you look to the right in real life, the player will keep rotating to the right when swimming
- The further you look the the right, the faster the player rotates to the right
- The faster you swim, the faster the player rotates

After giving this a try, it still made some people nauseous. It was a big improvement over the original system though, getting quick rotation in the game without rotating your head really makes you nauseous. The people who tried this and got nauseous thought it had something to do with the rotation speed being dependent on how fast you were swimming.

To fix this, we've changed it to this:
- When you look to the right in real life, the player will keep rotating to the right
- There's a dead-zone in the middle so you have to look further than a certain angle before you start rotating
- You also rotate when not swimming (being still)
- The further you look the the right, the faster the player rotates to the right

The tests after these last changes made no one nauseous, so we've decided to go with that. Swimming around in VR feels much more intuitive, and less controls are needed which is a great improvement overall.

AI update

Last week I have once again been working on the new AI system. The system is 90% in place internally, and so I started updating all the current AI with the new AI system. This is a tedious job but it gives nice results:

It will be a short one for me this week, I want to push some changes before leaving for the weekend ;) In the future I'll probably make a write-up about the new AI system.

Progress on the Flying Dutchman


The Flying Dutchman level is almost finished and we are very excited to show you another little teaser to get you started on this amazing community level. There is a brief moment where you can almost see the treasure chest ;) There is something else in the level you all have seen before but hasnt got it's introduction in the game yet. For now it is static and will be an teaser untill it works. It is not in the video so you have to search for it when the level get's added. Enjoy and tell me what you think here!.

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Points: 275199

Nice !

About vr : do you think it is possible to let us choose ? Just one box to tic is not so hard to add and a lot of us just love the fact that we may move in one direction while watching in an other.

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Thanks for all the fish
Points: 13439

At the beginning of the early access programm you said that you are going to stick all maps together in a big world after a long time. Is this still your current plan? Because it´s have to be difficult to stick all different types of levels together. I hope you can answer me :S

and btw: nice dev blog ^^

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Great works.

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Another great update. Thanks for the video, the new level is going to be a lot of fun.

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Looking forward to the new level and AI.

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Hey Davey thank you for the video, it looks great :)
That's good not to show to much of it, more to explore left for us :)

I'm excited as everyone to get the first dive there, when do you think it might be released?

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Thanks for all the fish
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It is probably going to be in Septembers update :)!
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Diving buddy
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Still some poeple, including myself, can t even see the floor...
We haven t weak hardware, we posted it a lot, plz work fast on
it, or u will loose a lot of players very soon.