Friday Devblog 09

Unity 5.0


This week I've been getting World of Diving to work in the upcoming Unity 5. Unity 5 will give us better performance, a lot of visual improvement and some more stability.

Some changes are necessary to make use of the new features. Unity 5 uses an upgraded physics system and a new lighting system. It has new features such as Level of Detail blending, which will ensure there is less 'popping' of models when switching over to a less detailed version at a distance. They are also making better use of threading, which will cause more CPU cores to be used. This will also help some with performance.

All in all, we think the work we have to put into getting the game to work in Unity 5 will pay off really soon.

Halloween Gear


This week was all about Halloween for me.
Making a couple of items which you can earn with the Halloween event.
I did the finishing touches on the mask and i made 2 Halloween themed suits for the male and the female divers.
Down below are two screenshots of both suits. Have fun earning them.



Hereby this week blog report This week busy with fixes glitches. Cleaning up the diving base and the Yongala levels. Finding the glitches, going trough list of plants, rocks etc is a tedious work but thanks to a faithful WOD player Phoata, who is posting all sorts of glitches he finds on the forums our work is made a lot easier. So a big shout out to Phoata and the rest of the WOD community posting glitches and bugs in the game.

Happy Halloween!

Art optimization

Not really fancy dev blog talk from my side: I've been mainly working on signing more publishing deals to get World of Diving published on various portals in eastern Europe. Next to this I did a more creative task : adding the Halloween missions in the Bismarck and Diving base levels!! jeeejjj..



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Nice to read the devblog Vertigo!

And poor Jhon, having to fix all rocks and plants. Seriously hope you have some sort of clip to nearest surface feature for that. Never the less awesome to see you're using Phaota's posts for it and giving him credit for it :)

P.S. Unity 5 woot wooot~~~


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It is a nice read ..... Granted I am happy we have Unity 5 now ..... *all giddy with joy swimming in fast circles in the fish bowl*

I did sorta put an update for Phaota in his posts to include Build listings for each of the photo's.
I know I will need to remember to keep posting my build updates now that I have been in the community through 0.12.8 to the current build 0.13.0

But, YAY US! We are a good community of Tester's from the looks of things.

OK, so yes I am the one that is still trapped in the tutorial. For those of you wondering how I do it and what happens when it occurs look here.

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Thanks for the update, looks like you will continue to be busy from some time to come. I'm looking forward to see how Unity 5 helps you improve the game.
Thanks for the Halloween special. I enjoyed the missions and the new items and am having lots of fun.

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Thanks for the glitch finding creds, Jhon. Please let me know which dive base pool and coral reef ones you fix in my thread on the subject so I can delete those images connected to them.

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Great stuff... Looking forward to Unity 5 .

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