Friday Devblog 13

World of Diving


Hello everyone,

You may have noticed my lack of contribution to the Friday dev blog. This is mainly because I’m working on other projects at the moment. I did some work on the Hilma a while ago, and I feel a bit sad that I’ve been working on other projects ever since. Luckily I’m still busy with the community/ forum. It’s my job to deliver your messages and question to the team. So I’m basically a representative for you all, whipping the rest of the team with new ideas and suggestion from you guys. And it is a lot of fun, so keep them coming!

We still a bit short on staff at the moment, as we mentioned before, so this explains the lack of updates recently. Our apologies again, and this will hopefully change after the holidays and push out an update before the year ends.

We have some things in mind for Christmas as well , so you can keep an eye out for that. Also check out steam , where WoD is on sale for 33% off. A great gift for the holiday season!

HMS Tranquility


This week if finished most of the furniture for the captain's cabin. Dirtying op some models en making an couple of new ones.

Not really much to tell about that so just look below to see them. And coming up next week: probably small props to add to the rest of the ship.



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Need for speed-boat
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Good work! Thank you for all this amazing work. It's very nice to see you updating the existing level and not only adding new content! (but new content is cool too ;) )

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Thanks for the update guys. I like the look of the new furniture Paul and thanks for continuing work on HMS Tranquility level.

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The furniture looks excellent, though they need to be much more deteriorated after being under the ocean for so many decades. They are too clean and store bought looking, even with the bit of algae on them. Bore holes, encrustations, barnacle patches, crumbling wood spots, collapsed paneling, anemones, etc.

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This weeks Friday Dev Blog will be postponed to Saterday. For more information check here.