Friday Devblog 12

HMS Tranquility


I started working on some extra object to decorate the HMS. Tranquility.

For now i'm focusing on the captains cabin because that one needs the most unique objects.

The first object i have made is the large painting where a picture of Sgt. Brony's avatar will be displayed. (For now it's a random ship)

The next step will be the rest of the furniture. Probably the closets or table first.

Fixing the disconnects


There were a number of reports from user who were being disconnected when undergoing certain actions in World of Diving, like completing a mission or gathering a coin/pearl. After having investigated this issue it appeared to have been caused by the same underlying problem; the connection to the server was lost which made the synchronization requests to our server fail.

In order to find out why, I had set up a testing branche for World of Diving, where the users who had this problem could reproduce this error and this would give more insight into why this was happening.

In the end I found the probable cause and applied a fix for it to the testing branche. This seems to have had a positive effect, but I am still monitoring the results to see if this issue is really fixed now. When the next update for World of Diving rolls out, this disconnect issue that a few of you were experiencing should be gone!



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Looking great... Keep up the good work.

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Hopefully JackDaniels will finally get out of the fish bowl. :)

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Already out of it ..... I just gotta now remember where I left my stashed dubloons for all the varius Jail breaks I have made from the Fish Bowl. *circles the fishbowl again*

OK, so yes I am the one that is still trapped in the tutorial. For those of you wondering how I do it and what happens when it occurs look here.

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Paul, you have some great ideas for the HMS Tranquility. I glad that you are continuing work on that level.

Great work on the disconnect issues, Jeroen. I know that is a tough problem to work on, but it looks like you might have it solved. Hope the further testing goes ok.