(late) Friday Devblog 16

Unity 5


This week I was working on getting WoD running (art wise) in Unity 5. The biggest problem at the moment is that Unity is still in beta. This means that not everything is working yet. Like the Enlighten system; this is a new real time global illumination solution. Right now it still has problems with the terrain system so it takes forever to bake the lighting.. And I really mean forever..

Another thing was that I've upgraded the water shader even more. The last time I fixed the clipping of the water near the camera and the technique I used got me thinking about another thing I did not like: when you are in the water swimming on the surface you don't really see where your arm touches the water. Or anything that goes through the water-surface like the edge of the swimming-pool or the ladder. So I did try to solve this and I think it is a nice first try.

Christmas outfits


This week i used the days i had left to finish up the work on the christmas items and they turned out pretty nice.

I also tested the christmas photo missions and i can say you will have a great time finding them all.

And last of all a want to wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year and say good by to all of you because my internship is finished.

Shark modeling


This week i continued to work on the Reef shark.

Made the shark what more high poly to add more definition to the mesh. Started texturing, still have to do some work on it.

This shark will come in the Lockheed level Nikumaroro. here is a little sneak peak of the Oceanpedia about the Nikumaroro all the Credits for the information goes to community member Mistwalker

Nikumaroro is part of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) and as such is protected under international law. Permission must be obtained from the local authorities before visiting the site. Measuring just 4.7 miles (7.6 km) long by 1.6 miles (2.6 km) wide, the small coral atoll is surrounded by a wide reef which is dry at low tide. The center of the atoll is dominated by a large marine lagoon with two entrances through the rim to the surrounding reef. It's at the bottom of this lagoon where our Lockheed Electra sits in just 19 ft (5.8 meters) of water.

The wreck has broken into three main pieces with the tail section and starboard wing laying just a few feet from the main fuselage. Though the tail section and wings still have most of their skin panels, large areas of the fuselage do not, exposing the ribs below and providing easy access to the interior. Access can also be gained through the open end of the fuselage where the tail section was torn away by the impact but care must be taken so as not to fall foul of the many sharp and jagged edges. Visibility can be quite murky at times and with the lagoon being used by Black Tip Reef Sharks as a nursery, divers should remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

In addition to the abundant shark population, dolphins can also be seen frolicking in the lagoon, as well as massive Humphead Wrasse gliding lazily above the wreck. Many smaller reef fish dart about the calm waters whilst turtles go sedately about their business.

so what did you guys think about that? after all it is the season of giving and in advance,

Happy Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you wonderful Divers

Water Lily


Hi guys, this week I worked on some flora for a new level, it's kind of Nymphaea / Water Lily and some Lotus flowers to go with that. It still need some more fixes and a test in Unity before it is ready to go into the level.

Merry Christmas to everyone !

Christmas missions

This week I worked on the upcoming Christmas photo mission. When completing these 3 Christmas missions you will receive cool(or shall I say funny?) looking Xmas item. Have fun! ;-)



There was a bug related to the event mission system in the game that had to be fixed. With the fix that was implemented, the new Christmas mission should be working once Christmas comes around (after the new upcoming update).

Merry Christmas to everyone!



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Yay ! Thank you and happy holidays ! :)

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Looking great. Thanks y'all.

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An exciting update guys, thanks for all of your hard work. Best wishes Paul on your future endeavors and thanks for the new outfits. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

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Looking forward to it. Cheers.

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Wait... why does the bikini in that screenshot look gold? Looks much better than the diffuse yellow we can pick now - are there new colour/material variations coming?

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Oooo, shiny gold bikini, wait what was I going to say. I got distracted there for a moment.

All I can is nice. Looking forward to participating in the Xmas event. Oh hey Paul did you check out the newest set of bugs that Phaota posted about the HMS Tranquility. it also contains my thoughts about the update to it. click here

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Problem with the Oceanpedia description of the Lockheed area is that, eventually, it will have to be changed since the wreck itself is a massive glitch in respect to the flawed design, which I thoroughly covered several months back in a Game Discussion thread. Yes, for now, it's fine, but when the wreck is eventually redone to match that of the real aircraft, then the description will need updating. Not much of a problem, but still something to consider. As for the Christmas outfits, not a fan. Granted it took a little while to create, but would have preferred new outfits in seasonal coloring instead of looking like sweaters that would only be worn once a year, if at all. Thought the masks are cheesy looking, I can live with it. Prefer the Halloween goblin mask myself. The new shark is coming along nicely, but it needs to be less cartoony looking. The details are very flat. Put some bump mapping on it and shading. That gold lame bikini is awesome looking. Hope it going to be added to the game soon.

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Just got the game today & was already fun searching for this xmas decorations :p Ty & merry Xmas to you & happy new year ^^