Friday Devblog 08

New GUI system


This week, I've been busy converting the World of Diving user interface to the new unity GUI system.
The new GUI system has a number of advantages:

- It is a lot faster than the old one
- It allows for quicker creation of new user interface elements
- It allows for easier implementation of animations on interface elements
- It allows for easier implementation of animating between interface windows

In addition to these advantages, it is also a lot easier to render GUI elements "in the world", instead of being a static plane on your screen. This is a big advantage, because GUI elements which are visible in world space are a lot more natural when viewing them with a virtual reality set. It also means you can create bigger interfaces, because you can actually look at the different elements of the interface by rotating your head, instead of trying to read some small text in the corner of your eye.

Next week, I'll be going on vacation. This means I won't post anything in the blog next Friday. No worries though, you'll hear from me again in two weeks.

Steam release & Steam Multi-player sessions


This week I have been busy with preparing the latest build for release on Steam. This build includes the all new Bismarck level, the ROV diving buddy and the metal detector.

I've also been busy with applying some hotfixes to this weeks build: the metal detector sound should not play in your game if the host uses his metal detector (only if he is close to you). Another bug that has been fixed is the placement of fish territories in the scenario builder; previously the fishes would spawn far away from where you place the territory, this has now been fixed.

Furthermore, I've improved the system for synchronization for mutliplayer sessions. You won't notice any of this in the game directly once that update rolls out, but anyone will be able to seamlessly join or leave any game session, without having to worry about accidentally kicking other players.

There will be no blog posts from me the next few weeks because I will also be on holiday!



This week i haven't been working on world of diving except for one small item that you can earn during a certain event later this month. And will be very fun to wear during deep and dark dives.
Below you can see the work in progress of that item.



I Started this week with the Upcoming Halloween event, Making a Jack O Lantern That will be placed is the Bismarck Level for some extra spookiness during Halloween.

I also made a new fish, The humpback Angler fish or ''black Devil''. The already scary creature is equipped with a Jack O Lantern instead of his well know head light. When you see this creature in the dark it will give quite the scare.



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I'm loving the new Bismarck site and the ROV buddy. Thanks guys!
You are all doing a great job and it's exciting to see the game develop step by step.

The Halloween mask and Angler fish look good and scary and it will be fun to see them at the dive site. At least there will be a friendly looking Jack O Lantern to calm our nerves xD

Have a wonderful weekend guys and have a great vacation Johann and Jeroen.

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Can't wait for the Halloween event, it's gonna be fun! :)

Have a great weekend guys.

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Boo !!!.... Great news.

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nice, I hope I get home in time to see all the changes and to earn that mask ^_^

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Sweet Halloween event. :)
Thanks for that guys!

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Aye aye captain!
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Yay! Underwater pumpkins! Ever done underwater pumpkin carving? I always found it kind of hazardous....

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Great work. Really enjoying these weekly blog updates. Lots to look fwd to, especially Halloween :)

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Cool looking mask and fish, though I certainly hope that after the Halloween event, you'll put the angler's little light back on it for a realistic appearance and put it in various location around the wreck. BTW, please put some fish schools and other life out away from the ship in the sediment hills and rocks. The place is totally lifeless out there.

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The Angler Fish will get his original light back after the Halloween period. We will look into adding more fish into the Bismark level.
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Looks like fun! Great work, Vertigo.

Raptr Gamercard

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Guess you made me come back and check for changes...