Friday Devblog 15

Shark modeling


This week started with a new animal for the awesome new level, this is a Black Tipped reef shark.

finished most of the mesh, still new some fins and some tweaking and then i can start on the UVW and texturing.

Christmas mask


Hi to the community of World of Diving. I am Julien, the new intern at Vertigo.
This week I work on a christmas edition of the scuba GEAR because yeah christmas is coming !
I take inspiration from the reindeer mask, hope you will like it.

The holidays are coming!


This week I took some time away from the Hms Tranquility and spend some time working on some items for a certain holiday.

The first two items are diving suits. One for the male and one for the female character.

These are the kind you only want to wear when the person who made them, probably your grandmother, is visiting. Or when you are diving of course.

The other items will be gloves for the male and female.

Below you can see the model for the female version and above that a quick sculpt for the texture.

New Oculus Rift version & Sgt. Brony level update


I have been busy this week mostly with fixing bugs and implementing the new Oculus Rift library. This new update to Oculus Rift is supposed to fix numerous bugs that were occuring in the previous versions of the game. This is the biggest update in the Oculus Rift library for Unity in a long while. The guys at Oculus have made it a lot easier to use the Oculus Rift camera's in our projects. Because of these big changes, some of our custom code for World of Diving had to be edited, refactored and improved to be able to do the same things again that we could do with the old version of the library.

After this was done, there were some other issues with the updated Sgt. Brony level. The collision inside the updated ship needed to be fixed and the 'point of interest' of the raft needed to be placed at a different location because the raft had been moved.

Finally, after the game was working fully again, builds had to be made for the different platforms we support (Windows, Mac and Linux) and those had to be tested to make sure no new bugs were accidentally introduced. After this is all done, the build is uploaded to the Steam servers to be tested internally, after which the build can be set live. However the Steam servers are currently having some difficulties, which makes it hard for us to upload a build to Steam. But rest assured, the update will be ready soon!



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Looks great! Good work, Vertigo.

Raptr Gamercard

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Sadly, outfits like this are not something anyone would be wearing all throughout the year. Seasonly, sure, but I'd prefer a bunch of new diving outfits in different colors over one that looks like sweater.

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Cool new features and welcome Julien!

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Jerone, I'm looking forward to the updates so that we can fully appreciate everyone's hard work. The sharks are looking good Jhon-alexander. The new level should be interesting.
Hi Julien, and welcome. The new mask looks great. It will be fun for the holidays. Same for the diving suits Paul. I love the detail in the sweaters.

Thanks for the updates!

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Awesome stuff.. can hardly wait.
.........p.s. Santa knows i've been good this yr.

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Aye aye captain!
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Nice work, even though I like the sharks best -- possibly because it means more levels, heh. :)

In deep water, way over my head. All is well.

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Very nice work! Those sharks look really nice. Can't wait to spot them at the dive sites...

I follow no path in life. I walk straight and leave a trail for others to follow.

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Great work there Paul .... can't wait to get a look at them in game.
Pleasure to meet you Julien .... looks like a nice touch, can't wait to try em out.
And the big man himself ... Jeroen ... Can't wait to testing those out further too. Will be sure to keep you guys posted if I find anything further again that I can test for. Sadly because I don't own an Oculus Rift I won't be much help for testing that part.

Nice line up folks Keep up the good work.

OK, so yes I am the one that is still trapped in the tutorial. For those of you wondering how I do it and what happens when it occurs look here.

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great stuff, cant wait to see all the things in the game :D

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Nice, we get a Rudolph the red nose Reindeer mask and we can have and ugly sweeter dive party ^_^ Anyway great work guys.

Current status: working 2-10 really s*#k ^_^

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Scuba diver
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Sharks..yes please
Better Oculus Support ...Heck Yeah

Looking forward to this and hopefully some improved multi-shot detection for the camera and some whale action in future updates.

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Well I don't think its fair that if the sweater for the female characters sweater is going to have that much "extra packaging" then the guys Christmas swimsuit should have a large...area, you know what I mean. J/K but the females is quite obvious. Us men always get the short end (no pun intended) of the stick when it comes to sexual equality. ;)