Friday Devblog 02



This week I did a lot of little fixes. First I fixed most bugs from the list Phaota made. This was was mostly floating plants and plants. I also added a collider to some rocks so you can swim through it anymore and scaled down the sand particles. The bugs like air bubbles that needed to form an air pocket are almost impossible to do especially for games.

Another big improvement I made was with a postprocess effect. We bought this effect in the Unity web store and it works like the Photoshop effect levels. I think the screenshot speaks for itself.

I also added a water splash particle when the player emerges and added some more shop items.

Oculus Rift cursor and... bug fixing


This week has been another week full of bug fixes and a few small game improvements.

For Ocululs Rift users, I've implemented cursor support! This makes life a lot easier for the users that have an Oculus Rift but aren't using a controller.

Other than that, the log-in/connection problems that some people are experiencing needed to be investigated. The logs that I received from several players gave me some insight into what might be going wrong for them. It's my job to look at error codes and message and find out what part of the code could be the culprit. Often times other factors play in as well, such as firewall, connection stability or other network related settings, which makes it difficult to see exactly where the problem lies. So I've made some network related improvements and improved the error checking, which should make the connection from the players to our servers more stable. This also involves a lot of communication between us and several players via our support mail address.

Mission Editor Walkthrough


This week I've worked on my very first video tutorial that you can find in this section here (in case you haven't seen it yet). Whilst working on it I also found some small issues with the mission editor that I quickly fixed as well. I hope the video turned out useful and you guys like it. Once we're releasing a new version of the editor I'll most likely create a new version of the video.

Next to working on the tutorial I've been adding a lot new challenges into all of the levels, including a selfie objective with the HMS Tranquility! You will actually be able to earn doubloons by completing the challenges and the dive computer shows whether the challenge has been completed or not so you can easily find challenge that you haven't completed yet.

Hopefully this will be enough to keep you guys occupied whilst we work on additional progression and tools features that we are working hard on to get out to you.

Art optimization

This week has been an optimizing week for me. I've started looking at some performance issues in the swimming pool level:

Left: 54 fps, righ (before) 45 fps

Left: 54 fps, righ (before) 37 fps

Left: 46fps, righ (before) 41 fps

As you can see the performance got a little better compared with the last build, but still a long way to go.
Please keep in mind that the screenshots where made with a development build, so the performance will be better in a regular build (plus, i have a very crappy 4 year old PC :)



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Yeah! New devblog! =D Enjoyed the share again this week guys, keep going at it and enjoy the weekend! =)

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Thanks for the info and all the hard work.

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Enjoy your weekend Devs!

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Thanks for all the info, guys. It's really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes as well as how the game is progressing. Top job!

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Well done. Keep it up, guys.

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I love this post! Keep them coming, and would love an eta on store items and additional missions being unlocked!

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Well done. Keep it up,
thanks for this good work.

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You guys should post these updates to steam.